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Orcas vs. Horses?

Orcas, or killer whales, have been kept in captivity since 1961, and there have been books and movies made about them and how cruel it is to use them for our entertainment. 385 more words


Decision looms over captive orca, but fate of Lolita unclear

SEATTLE (AP) — For years, animal activists have campaigned to free a killer whale that was captured from Puget Sound waters in 1970 and has been performing at Miami Seaquarium in Florida for over four decades. 119 more words


The Magic of the Town Run

The tide is ebbing, and the boat is stuck, like some hauled out metallic sea lion. An expletive escapes my lips and with one final push the boat slides over the rock and floats again. 808 more words


The whales beneath my duct-taped sneakers

I took a train, a bus, a ferry and a boat to reach the unpopulated British Columbia island I called home my eighteenth summer.

I spent that summer researching killer whales, a creature with which I’d fallen in love while taking a Marine Bio course. 664 more words


Gerlache Strait

While many people will continue, for various reasons, to call the above animals “orcas,” I prefer to use the term “killer whale.”

First, it sounds rad. 408 more words


Why I Will Not Visit SeaWorld

Why I Will Not Visit SeaWorld

Many of you have probably seen, or at least heard of, the popular documentary “Blackfish” that graced our screens in 2013. 314 more words

Twenty Something

Lolita the killer whale set for release from Miami Seaquarium?

As the whale is now included on endangered list

I am sceptical about this article – it is saying that because the Orca who sometimes swim in the waters surrounding Washington are a vulnerable pod,  and Lolita is also part of this pod in virtue of having been taken from it; therefore she is endangered  and similarly is entitled to the same protection and treatment, on pain of inconsistency.  115 more words

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