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Free Tilly

I fell in love with Orcas after watching Free Willy as a child. I remember being taken aback by how incredibly gracious and empathetic they were, and are. 438 more words


A couple of nights ago, I watched the documentary Blackfish. Yep, I cried. I rarely cry during movies, but learning about these whales and their unfair treatment in captivity hit me hard! 217 more words

Born to be a Killer

Killer whales are spectacular creatures, they are the largest among his kin: the dolphins. They are smart, with a fancy look, sometimes friendly and capable to eat viciously a great deal of meat!  69 more words


A Sometimes Talent

It doesn’t always happen.
Eight times out of ten whatever I visualize in my head doesn’t look the same when I get it on paper, but every now and again it works out alright. 48 more words


'Very Rare' Orca Sightings Off Palos Verdes Delight Whalewatchers

A pod of six to nine orcas was captured on video hunting sea lions and navigating ocean waters off of Palos Verdes on Tuesday afternoon. 182 more words

Local News

Will we See a World Without SeaWorld?

It’s a beautiful, sunny day on February 24, 2010 and excited audience members sit on the edge of their seats waiting for the show to begin. 2,836 more words

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