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Killer Whale Environments at SeaWorld!

I am very excited to share this with you today!

SeaWorld announced a bold new vision that will transform how the world cares for, connects with and helps protect killer whales. 117 more words


Orca Baby Tree Lives!

Remember my Orca experience last year?

One of the babies I saw last year was a little male named Baby Tree, named for Tree Island, where he was born off the harbour of Tofino. 54 more words

Animal Communication

Orcas, Seals and Sasquatch?

It was only when we were on the forest trail in Squamish that I noticed the signs about Sasquatch. Apparently I was hiking in the valley where he is rumoured to live, and so there were signs providing information and histories of sightings. 436 more words


End this.

If humans inhabited the seas, then it would be reasonable to keep Orcas as pets. But we don’t. 

No human can provide proper treatment for whales in captivity.  31 more words

Razer Letherette Ear Cushion

Ready Razer Letherette Ear Cushion

Can be used for Orca, Carcharias, Megalodon, Kraken, Kraken Pro, Kraken 7.1, Kraken E-Panda, Kraken Neon, Kraken Pro Neon.

Harga = 185rb… 14 more words

Wall Post

The next challenge! (Also known as: summer is awesome!)

Recently, I got an e-mail I didn’t expect to get. One that made my fall race schedule a little more difficult. See, way back in April or May or something – I don’t know when it was, but what matters is that it was before the opportunity to do the Coeur d’Alene Ironman came up at all – I decided that I would get on the wait list for The Rut 50k. 611 more words