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Racing with the best

This post has taken a while to come to fruition for two reasons:

1. I see a certain value in letting things marinate in the ol’ brain a bit before writing down my thoughts, especially when the subject is a race like the Ironman World Championships. 1,924 more words

Horror Clichés: The Monster One-Up

The horror genre has a plot cliché unlike any other. While every type of film suffers from its own potential to do predictable and over-tired forms of set up, very few are as catching as the “monster one-up.” What I mean by that is: the film overtly states the superiority of its monster by having it destroy another monster from a previous movie. 807 more words


Nothing Better

Rain streaks the windows, a melodious tap marks the origin of the leak near the fireplace. In the loft it’s cold, the fire’s warming prescence muffled by the stairs and small hallway. 570 more words

Vancouver Aquarium records killer whales with drone = Amazing/cute/sad videos

NOAA fisheries and Vancouver Aquarium have recorded killer whales using a drone for the first time. CNN news story here.

Drone Used To Monitor Killer Whales For First Time  179 more words

Getting the Ball Rolling

I had planned to enter a blog post over the weekend, but unfortunately didn’t get around to it. But don’t worry, dear readers. It was a busy weekend in-game, and now it’s time to fill you in on everything you missed. 1,935 more words

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