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Captive Orcas Can Learn How to Speak Dolphin, Researchers Say

Captive orcas who live with dolphins are capable of imitating their sounds, joining an exclusive list of species that are capable of modifying their voices or learning new vocalizations, according to a new… 115 more words

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nice as it would be to be able to take pictures of exactly what I can see through my spotting scope, even my old iphone can pick up this dorsal fin as we get to watch a pod of resident orcas frolic in the waters in front of us for the first time this season on what would otherwise be kind of a dreary wet afternoon! 20 more words


Blackfish - a review

Many of you may be familiar with the movie ‘Blackfish’, an eye-opening documentary film released in 2013 that depicts the shocking events that have occurred at SeaWorld, which have resulted in the deaths of multiple people including several of the animal trainers. 721 more words

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Orcas have been my favourite animal on the planet since 1994. There are so many things I find utterly captivating about them, but one of my very favourite things is the uniqueness of each population of orcas around the world. 359 more words


Killer whales learn to 'talk' like bottlenose dolphins | MNN - Mother Nature Network

via Killer whales learn to ‘talk’ like bottlenose dolphins | MNN – Mother Nature Network.

Orcas who spent time around bottlenose dolphins learned to imitate their famous clicks and whistles, a new study finds, further demonstrating the depth of killer whales’ intelligence and social complexity.

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This Time, That Way

From the house where I’m staying, I can see the sound. I’m about 100 yards from the beach. This past weekend, following my nephew down there to be his steadying arm while he placed his two-year-old feet on logs like a novice on the balance beam, I realized how seldom I go down to the water, despite it being so close to home. 595 more words

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Monday Must-Read: Death at Sea World

This may seem a bit morbid for a Monday must-read, but hear me out. Death at Sea World by David Kirby is one of those books that makes you think. 359 more words