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Resident Orcas ~ I15's in Blackfish Sound and Humpback Whales ~a fabulous day!

Our day began for all of us when at the dock at the Alder Bay Resort, we watched as two juvenile river otters played together; they were seemingly unafraid of our passengers who were waiting to board. 460 more words

Passengers Onboard S.V. Tuan

A dynamic day of viewing breaching Orcas, Minke and Humpback Whales!

Today was one of great excitement and of many wonderful and extraordinary sightings on both of our tours. The morning we spent watching the G-Clan I15 resident orcas while they stalled off the top end of Blackfish Sound near the Plumper Islands, spending hours, all of them waiting for a slackening of the ebbing current before they finally made the move to push through Weynton Passage and eventually into Johnstone Strait. 603 more words

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Try Jan's mixed media techniques

Using is powdered charcoal, molding paste & transparent fluid acrylics, Jan Rimerman’s mixed media paintings at Studio #19 focus on her imaginative interpretation of the island landscape. 72 more words


Large gathering of Resident Orcas: A42's, R4's, A36 brothers, I15's & two Humpback Whales!

It was an absolutely amazing day of viewing orcas beginning early on in our tour with the A42’s, they passed us as they raced up the Hanson Island side of Johnstone Strait, they were moving quickly in the ebbing current and reaching the top end off Weynton Island they spread out and began foraging further west in Johnstone Strait. 602 more words

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Brilliant viewing of Cetaceans ~Orcas, Humpback and Minke Whales!

What more could we ask for! A day that grew more lovely and exciting by the hour. Beginning when our passengers heard the blow of a humpback whale near the Plumper Islands in Weynton Passage and ending with the sighting of a minke whale as we neared Alder Bay on our way home and in the middle portion of our tour was some delightful and awe-inspiring viewing of resident orcas: A23’s and A25’s. 268 more words

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Orcas ~ Biggs Transients and Residents + Humpback Whales!

What a great day we had today, beginning with heavy fog that began clearing as we travelled along the Swanson Island Shoreline in Blackfish Sound, this was after a beautiful interlude of viewing a small group of dall’s porpoises feeding and numerous hauled out harbour seals and bald eagles++, many of them sitting in treetops and on rocky outcrops drying out their feathered wings! 429 more words

Killer Whales

Whales galore ~ Magnificent Orcas and Humpback Whales!

What a fantastic day we have had! On our morning tour we encountered a humpback whale in Blackfish Sound and as we made our way east, we sighted another at Flower Island, one at White Beach Passage and another in the near vicinity, crossing over towards White Beach Passage! 306 more words

Passengers Onboard S.V. Tuan