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Quiet Waters - Puget Sound Orcas Face Extinction

The Southern Resident orcas are hanging in a delicate balance. Their population is close to collapse. Without successful reproduction, the Puget Sound orca is doomed. It will be a quiet ocean.  535 more words

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Humpback Whale 'Ripple' and her calf, Orcas: I15's and A42's and bow-riding Porpoises!

Where to begin on such a day of changing weather conditions and a magnificent mix of marine mammals! It looked as though rain would fall when we headed out and yet passing through Weynton Passage, while there was no rain, the fog loomed ahead of us and soon we had disappeared into it but not before viewing two eaglets in a nest, numerous hauled out harbour seals and seabirds, and then dall’s porpoises who quickly made their way over to us and were soon riding off our bow as we made our way towards Bold Head. 416 more words

Killer Whales

Deception Pass and Whale-Watching in Washington

They never even mentioned whales when we purchased the tickets for a boat tour of Deception Pass. But they must have known they were there because the resident pod of orcas lives in the area year round.

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Blackfish: The Moral War Against Seaworld

Blackfish is an extraordinary new documentary, released in 2013, that tells the controversial story of orca captivity. The captivity of orcas breeds aggression of the whales, deprived of their families and natural environment, often ending with tragic consequences. 915 more words

North America

Resident Orcas ~ I15's, a Minke and Humpback Whales ~ Fantastic viewing!

What a fabulous day we had! It all began as we left the dock in Alder Bay when a minke whale was sighted and we enjoyed a quiet viewing of it before we headed east in Johnstone Strait. 391 more words

Killer Whales

What am I doing here?

I thought I’d start this off by telling you a little bit about what I’m doing for the summer. I am a Master’s student at the University of Victoria. 873 more words


A Tribute to Plumper ~


You are gone
and a memory
you have now become
your tall, and striking
dorsal fin,
so clearly defined
across the years
and etched so clearly… 143 more words