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Death and the Maiden's New Clothes

It’s interesting to consider just how important a role the instrumentation and orchestration of a piece of music play in its overall aesthetic. I never gave it all that much thought. 627 more words

Something To Listen To

Quick WCF Publishing Wizard - Orchestrations hint

As I am currently working on a SOA project where we use BizTalk 2013 R2, I needed to publish an orchestration as a WCF web service. 156 more words


Using Non-Serializable Classes or Types in an Orchestration

BizTalk is entirely Stateless. This is achieved by using Persistence Points. In case of any failure during the processing of an Orchestration (for e.g.: power failure or Server Restart etc) BizTalk Server will continue to restart the Orchestration from the last Persistence Point. 290 more words


How to Send & Receive Custom Headers from a WCF Service in Orchestration?

In many practical scenarios, Headers of the WCF Message are used to Establish Session / Send some sensitive / routing information. Here I will show you how to Send and Receive data through Custom Headers from a WCF Service. 428 more words


Anatomy of a DevOps Orchestration Engine: (III) Agents

Previously: (II) Architecture

In Maestro we typically use a Maestro master server and multiple Maestro agents. Each Maestro Agent is just a small service where the actual work happens, it processes the work sent by the master, via ActiveMQ, and executes the plugins with the data received. 731 more words


Interview Christophe Roux : les enjeux de l'automatisation

Parmi les premiers à identifier les avantages de l’automatisation et à développer une expertise dans ce domaine – dès 2008 – D2SI occupe aujourd’hui une position de leader sur le marché français de l’automatisation, enjeu central pour le passage des infrastructures de nos clients dans le Cloud.

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“If it is any point requiring reflection…we shall examine it to better purpose in the dark.” – Edgar Allan Poe “the Purloined Letter”

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