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Orchestrator Standard Logging Real Time Web Display

Orchestrator is a great tool for workflow and automation, but out of the box, it severely lacks any sort of centralized logging. Sure you can write out events to event logs and collect them with SCOM, but that can be problematic. 183 more words

System Center

Ad-Hoc NTFS Permission report using Orchestrator & Powershell

I had a client recently that had an archaic VB Script to generate a report of “Who Has Access” to particular folders withing a corporate directory. 596 more words

System Center

Orchestrator 2012: Too much queued policy instances caused Orchestrator to slow down dramatically

Recently I had a situation with my System Center Orchestrator 2012 SP1 environment, where the Runbook Designer behaved strangely. I saw that when I started a runbook, it was not updating the log only the log history, when the runbook was finished. 341 more words


Check if file is locked in Orchestrator

Dam di dum dam dam. Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here moving and deleting files with Orchestrator. Ahhh, this is life…




System Center - RSS Feeds Collection

It doesn’t matter If you are new to the System Center stack or if you have been working many years in the System Center field, we all share the same problem. 394 more words


Orchestrator Schmorchestrator SFTP Port

SFTP with System Center Orchestrator? Not a problem!

I lied, it is a problem – if you are using the official FTP Integration Pack that is. 107 more words


Troubleshooting System Center Service Manager 2012

While implementing Service Manager 2012 I came across various troubleshooting scenarios, this will be an updating post, so stay updated!

Problem: When connecting Service Manager and Orchestrator all of the runbooks get synchronized to Service Manager and appear on the console. 352 more words