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Scrospace (Dukagshspace)

The following is a brief description of Scrospace, called Dukagshspace by its inhabitants, from my Toy Soldier Saga website:

Home sphere of the Scro Empire; burial site of Dukagsh, founder of the scro race, for whom the principle world of the sphere is named.   682 more words


Some orcs and their spiritual leader

I finished basing these orcs some days ago. Somehow I always end up postponing the basing of the minis; starting new projects or fiddling around with other thing instead of completing what is right in front of me. 192 more words

Talk Nerdy To Me: Lord of the Rings Edition

When I was in high school, the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy came out and everyone was hit with LOTR fever! I was swept up into the madness and LOVED every moment. 342 more words


I wonder if that hair colour is dyed already?

I drew an orc. It’s for a post tomorrow or Thursday on filters, and what I do if (when) I’m designing something and realize I’ve got a way-less-than-ideal colour scheme. 62 more words

Out of the Pit

In the writings of Tolkien it is said that in the Elder days, within the deepest pits of Utumno, the first dark lord Morgoth committed his greatest act of blasphemy. 889 more words

Epic Fantasy

Orcs/Humans Proto WIP 3

Note to self: don’t take off this long between paint jobs again. Feeling kind of blah painting today: plastic models, fighting paint consistency, trying to learn to paint tabletop quality and not make things too nice. 106 more words