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The Wartusker (Part 2)

Crew of the Wartusker

CAPTAIN – ‘Manmauler’ Olarf is an ogre chieftain with these characteristics: AC 4 (chain armor & shield); HD 7+1; hp ; #ATT 1; DMG 1d10+9; AL CE; EXP 1,400; STR 19, INT 6, CHA 5. 2,087 more words


Orcs part 1

There is perhaps no other organized race as feared or as disliked as the orcs, also referred to as “beastmen.”  Tall, muscular, and athletic, orcs have the signature build of a warrior.  821 more words


In which I put the Internet on notice

If it doesn’t involve killin’ orcs or shopping or getting writing done, or maybe cleaning up my filthy-ass office, I don’t wanna hear about it today.   15 more words



It’s so easy to feel enthralled by the mind and body bending endeavors of super heroes. Yet their superior physique is a double blade. On the one hand, it celebrates strength–super strength in fact. 195 more words

Princess Mononoke

From “The Orcish Memory Hall” by Denny C. Franke

The mamihamur of Padihamurah Tuul in Westingbrooke conducted weekly classes in the Memory Hall there, sharing his learned opinion on the interpretation of the Hamurabash… 442 more words


Kevin "Goblinmaster" goodness

What Kevin is upto. This may be a Kickstarter next year.
Can’t wait. 8 more words

Toy Soldiers

From the Battlefield 19: Dwarfs/Wood Elves vs Orcs/Skaven

So, here we are with another report From the Battlefield. This time I have a couple of surprises for you. First of all we are finally going to see the devious Skaven in action, but the big news is that this is the first match where I didn’t actually play Some times ago I asked my… 1,949 more words

From The Battlefield