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Army List: Twin SniperTroll

Hello folks. As I did last time, after publishing a lore article about the Orcs, today I’m going to feature an Orcs army list. This time we take a look on an army focusing on the strongest unit in the game: the River Troll. 1,625 more words


If you read this on the back....

….of a novel, would you want to read it?

What if the world we live in merged with another?
The Autumn of the Whitewood is an adult fantasy novel set in present-day middle America. 123 more words


We are the figthing Uruk-Hai!

OK, so not only are there orcs running around the Wesfold but now the mighty Uruk-Hai have turned up. Rather rough, but they’re orcs and they just kept shouting to hurry up with the painting and get them on the table. 237 more words


[map] Rondane

Rondane is way up north, where habitable lands go pale and bow to the frozen taiga plateau. Ever-harassing winds leech all body warmth. Vast frozen tundras and ancient mountain ridges, unbeatable to all except the glaciers which ponderously grind everything into gravel. 166 more words


Orcs and Goblins

The Orcs and the Goblins, collectively known as Greenskins, are prolific races that live in the border regions of the Old World, mainly the Badlands in the south and the Dark Lands east of the World’s Edge Mountains, though some have been able to settle in the most remote regions of the Empire, Bretonnia and the mountains. 1,713 more words


Meanwhile in the Queue at Mordor Post Office...

It was a good thing I had Augduras, my trusty sword, with me. The Orc behind the counter at the Mordor Central Post Office was overdue for her (his?) tea break and was… 378 more words

Spilling Ink Special!