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My Name is Rina and I am a Survivor

“We were given chocolate and hugs.”
What a powerful statement listening to an Auschwitz survivor tell her story.
I marvel at how the memory is capable of remembering such unforgivable trauma 70 years later. 345 more words

The Promise

Promises are to be kept

never to be broken

as the word is an honour

carried out not in a banner

change should never find its way… 83 more words


It's Over

It’s painful, but it’s over

Be happy you have an answer to your uncertainties

You don’t have to freeze with anxiety anymore

You’ll only have to endure the pain… 131 more words


What is "Real"

I thought it’s clear to differentiate between what is real and what is not

I thought it’s clear to understand how you feel

I felt all the stinging butterflies you initiated… 160 more words


Simply a Human

I’m simply a human being

My soul is pouring out emotions

I rejoice when someone appreciates my sensitivity

I admire it when someone eases the flood of emotions inside me… 184 more words


: the cold, harsh reality :

Say what you will about the holidays, they’re expensive and exhausting and fattening, but they’re a welcome distraction.

See, the holidays keep us occupied, leaving time for little else. 259 more words


Into the Mire (days 28,29)

Earth so effectively mirrors our soul powers simply because our souls are elements of earth’s soul.

Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft

Yesterday as I walked I felt that Grandmother Earth had a message for me. 1,032 more words