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Thankfulness is a lifestyle

YOU CHOOSE. Do you want life to be full of ordeals or full of adventure?! I’m gonna go with the life full of adventure ;) So my life is pretty full of change. 416 more words

Penny the Poo - 229 - Through the butthole

I should have seen this coming. Yesterday I titled my story “Through the buttonhole” I then recieved this comment:

“I read that as ‘Through the butthole’.

175 more words
365 Day Challenge

Managing Expectations

I have found that managing my own expectations is the single most difficult thing to do in the daily grind. My daily grind.

People say it is hard to manage others’ expectations, that it is tasking, draining and exhausting. 59 more words

Ugly - Day 215 - Beauty

I’ve been going back through “fear february” and creating ‘ordeals’ based off the fears. Today I went back to day 86 and looked at my story about a magic sari and a girl who fears being disliked because she thinks she is ugly. 570 more words

365 Day Challenge

3-Way Stop

It has been an odd bit of time since I last wrote. In fact, it has been an odd few months. Maybe even an odd year-thus-far. 3,215 more words

Ghost Spiders - Day 214 - Ordeal

Last month you stepped it up with your challenges. The music challenge was good but this month I want to take it up another notch. This month’s theme is “The Ordeal” which is why I’m bringing back all the fears from “Fears February” and asking you to craft some challenges from them. 291 more words

365 Day Challenge

Glendora Woman Narrowly Escapes Tragedy On Freeway After She's Hit By Flying Wrench

GLENDORA (CBSLA.com)  —  A Glendora woman is recovering from a near certain tragedy when the car she was driving in on the 605 Freeway was struck by a flying wrench. 264 more words