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Hotel Chaos!


We’ve been staying at the Peppermill Hotel in Reno, NV.

I was downstairs hanging out with my fiance and my Dad, and decided to go back up to the room because my pregnant self had to pee extremely bad, and I was exhausted. 343 more words

Physostigmine: From Ordeal Poison to Valuable Medicine

I find it cool when a poison has a literal killer history, yet finds use in hospitals around the world as a valuable medicine.  That’s the story of physostigmine, an alkaloid found in Physostigma venenosum, the Calabar bean, and where we will start this tale. 1,202 more words

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Remain as strong as you can


You have been such an inspiration to so many people over the years.
I truly believe that it was a TRAGIC ACCIDENT. I have been following your trial every day, very difficult to watch so much of your pain, also the pain of REEVAS mother. 136 more words

Oscar Pistorius

get to the waters

in times of ordeal
get to the waters
meet me there

My Gifts...

I am the product of both my mother and my father…both in things seen and unseen. I am the combination of all that is good between them and I will always be grateful for the gifts I received from them both. 675 more words

Surviving Child Abuse