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307 Is this the winter of your discontent?

To budge or not to budge, it is the question you consciences asks.

You are hearing the bell in the belfry of your conscience.

Both unhappiness and discontent proceed from attempting to make the finite into what is infinite. 36 more words



finding order in human lives isn’t always as apparent as a chevron flight in migratory birds, or the construction plan of a Gothic cathedral. therefore, clearly, what the world desperately needs more of is another one of my lists. 326 more words

A High School Student’s Remarkable Letter To George Orwell, thanks to Dreamwalker



You were right, you were right, you were right. I’m sorry I never saw it before, and I feel like an idiot, sitting here and penning this to you when you were so unspeakably right. 560 more words


Why are you Alive?

Don’t be deceived by the title, it doesn’t mean why aren’t you dead yet instead it means have you found the purpose of your existence yet? 1,035 more words

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Awesome article, Danial. Loved it. Apart from the school system indoctrinating children to follow rather than lead, it is also in our nature as humans -- we're pack animals like dogs and sheep. I'm also glad you mentioned movies and music that have hidden messages inside them relating to good v evil paradigms. That's the main reason I watch movies and listen to music now. My 'SOTW' tag on my blog is dedicated to such songs I've found and enjoy listening to.

Decloud Shisha Fruits

Its the First of the Month, Order our Decloud Shisha Fruits Flavor of the week, The Uncontrollably Good Mint Hookah Flavor, Made with 100% Real Mint! 17 more words


You can now pre-order Typo 2 for your iPhone 5 or 5S

Remember Ryan Seacrest s Typo, the physical keyboard accessory for the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S? The problem with Typo is that it looked a lot like the physical keyboard on the BlackBerry Q10 and Bold 9930 that the Canadian phone maker decided to take Typo to court. 134 more words