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I'm Weird

When Hubs and I go into a truck stop or any restaurant and the waitress asks what we want to drink, I usually get an odd look, sometimes even a nervous laughter from her, because I reply that I don’t know until I decide what I’m going to eat. 87 more words


Marvellous Morning Maths!

Reception J worked really hard this morning on ordering, adding, counting and writing their numbers 1-30. A special well done to Tilly who went on to write out her numbers up to 44, before running out of time! Wow!


Top Tip for Visiting a Ramen Noodle House.

Since the past week was a bit chilly, I was craving some hot soup and went to Ramen Nippon for the first time. I am by no means a connoisseur of ramen, but I do know what I like: … 282 more words
A Novice Foodie's Thoughts

I can hear the gears in your head turning, and they sound rusty.

Pet Peeve #1

I understand that most of you are fairly intelligent human beings. You have graduated high school and maybe college, passed the driving test (probably), and chances are you are holding down a job. 390 more words


Sense of Sight: Spectrums

The students exercised their organizing, ordering, and sorting skills by creating spectrums. The students searched for similar colors and then put them in order from darkest to lightest. 17 more words


Hi Guys

I have created a Facebook Shop and have my products listed on With Luv were you can buy any of these lovely candles.


Zelightful Zabar's

What’s an Arkansas girl to do when she needs kosher food and REAL black and white cookies, or even babka? Until I met my husband, I didn’t have a need for any of these things, but now I do and have found one of my go to sites. 313 more words