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What Do You See at Liturgy - Now Available!!!

After many unforeseen delays  I am so happy to announce that What Do You See at Liturgy is now available for sale!!  Thank you for your patience! 25 more words


Ahh, ain't they cute?

So, our new chicks came in this morning, as you can see. They’re about half Black Australorps (what we have now) and half Buff Orpingtons. Oh, and the mystery chick appears to be a Turken! 95 more words


Year 7 - Ordering decimals

First watch the video on ordering decimals, then attempt the questions: Ordering_decimals. Start with 1a and show all working out in your books. 18 more words


Year 8 - Ordering Decimals

You can choose whether you want to start with the Set a questions or Set b questions. Set b questions are slightly difficult, so start with Set a if you want to build your confidence first. 24 more words


Ordered from NJOY

Man, I’m good at descriptive titles!

I got an e-mail from NJOY (I’m on their e-mail list) giving me an offer for a free Recharge Kit with the purchase of a Flavor Chamber. 180 more words

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Ordering Begins With A Odd Competition For Stock by Auto Blog Via

Posted on 09.13.2014 18:00 by Kirby Garlitos +
The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is headed to dealerships, but not all dealers will be able to get their hands on the higher-powered coupe . 32 more words