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At the right signal,

we charge at the missiles

flying towards us

without even flinching.

This is the world

we are in unfurled.

Shoot at each other… 29 more words

Aussie short

Selling Audusd around 0.9010 looking for 0.8980.


EurUsd orders

Keep in mind what “special” days these 3 days are: 2 days of FED (will Yellen change direction today?) and Scottish referendum tomorrow (altough i have the sense markets are very complacent towards the outcome of the referedum: will there be a surprise?) 42 more words


Fadding the Nzd flow

Albeit good Nzd GDP release will look into a possible fading of buyers: selling NzdJpy into 88.5, looking for 88.30 and buying EurNzd around… 49 more words


The Breaking of a Fellowship

It has been a little while since I wrote my last post, but in just this short amount of time, my life has irrevocably changed.  On Friday of last week, my husband came home from work and stated that there was an issue with the hard copy orders for which we have been waiting.   538 more words

Trying to order prenatal labs or a glucola?? Do i really have to search each order in the order entry?

Fortunately, you don’t have to search for each order entry.  Just go to the “results console” on the right window pane.  The prenatal labs are segregated by the appropriate EGA and just click on the +order for the labs.


9/15 – CNN Business: iPhone 6 Orders Break Records

So it turns out that apple doesn t even have enough new iphones made to keep up with demand the company sold a record four million iPhone. 22 more words