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This is not the title of these new bookbindings, it is the occasion for what the bookbinding was done.

The client asked the collaboration of another craftwoman to prepare these gifts. 265 more words


Keep Calm

Well, I learned something else about the army this week. Something I probably should have already known, but some of us have thicker skulls than others. 186 more words

“ Because I said so...”

“ Because I said so…”

“That your power of command
with simple language was
one of the magnificent things of
our century.
(from the poem: result)” 557 more words

Short Story

Common Types of Restraining Orders

The last blog entry offered a general view of the two common types of restraining orders available in Massachusetts. The first is called an “abuse prevention order.” To qualify for such an order, a complaining party must show that both they, and the responding party, fall into the category of “family or household members.” In order to obtain the order, the complaining party must also show that they suffered from “abuse.” Upon a showing by a qualifying complainant that they suffered from abuse, a restraining order will nearly always issue. 31 more words


So, I gave into the hype last week and ordered the new Iron Giant figure from Mondo, which is still available for pre-order on their website. 354 more words


Updating Website

Greetings Framily & New Followers, Welcome!

In keeping up with my decided theme for my life this year, I am rebranding my business. I am also updating my products and prices. 74 more words

Just Because

Executive Orders Facts and Myths

Dawn Parabellum – No other Presidential action comes with as much controversy as the executive order. The executive order is a legally binding law enacted by the president as the head of the executive branch of the United States government.   646 more words