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Three To Toss Out (2014)

1. Garbage.

2. Silly ideas.

3. Your PRECIOUS order.


Delivered by snail mail-

In utter rudeness and fail.



After your first experience at a job, after as much knowledge has been retained as possible.  It is now time to squeeze that sponge and see everything that you have.   256 more words

Taking Orders

There are different stages in which you will try to sell yourself to your possible future employer.  At this point which I am assuming one is a college student looking for experience or working in jobs which they may know but are still not experts in, hence still in college and not graduated yet for the most part.   238 more words

Needed Finally a BROAD SPECTRUM 2in1 Cat Flea Control

For many people, their cats will not be only precise members of their households, but they’re a soul that wants love, care, and affection just like anybody else. 346 more words

Free shipping on orders over $99!

It s back again free shipping weekend! All orders over $99 ship free this weekend. No offer code is needed. Free shipping ends Sunday 4/20/14 at midnight so make sure you place your order Continue reading More…

The Art of A PCS: Now That You Have Orders

Continuing with “The Art of A PCS,” series this article discusses what to do once you have actually received Orders.

You/your spouse’s orders will have a Report Date. 726 more words


Mission Almost Accomplished

Four weeks ’til graduation.

It’s quite odd to be this close to completing what has been the most elaborate and involved order from Skyspook so far, finishing my bachelor’s degree, long delayed by life. 178 more words