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Choose Wisely!

I will choose Christ
I will choose love
I choose to serve
I give my heart
I give my life
I give my all to You…

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The problem with poetry...

Last week I was fortunate to have an essay I’d written picked up and published at Art House America’s blog. This week I had the opportunity to do a Q & A with poet, … 629 more words

Ordinary Time

Please Be Patient

“May the Lord grant all of us the patience, the joyful patience, the patience of work, of peace, may he give us the patience of God, that which He has, and may He grant us the patience of our faithful people, who are so exemplary.” (Pope Francis)

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A Word from a Founding Father

 “Make sure you are doing what God wants you to do–then do it with all your strength.” ― George Washington


Our founding fathers took great care to avoid establishing a state religion within the United States.

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God is Calling You

“Many are satisfied with carrying the Lord on their tongue, recounting His marvels and praising Him with great ardor; others carry Him in their hearts with tender and loving affection, which becomes part and parcel of their lives, thinking of Him and speaking to Him.

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Relationship Check

“It is an absurd dichotomy to love Christ without the Church; to listen to Christ but not the Church; to be with Christ at the margins of the Church.

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Treasure in heaven

I’m detecting a theme as we near the end of Ordinary Time and anticipate Lent. The reading from Mark tells of the man who approached Jesus begging to know what he can do to inherit eternal life. 198 more words