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Fri. December

How are we supposed to live with-

out being overrun by life? How are

we supposed to avoid being pulled down

by all of the bad things in this world? 96 more words

Literary Catharsis

My Ordinary Friday

Dear Internet,

Today is an ordinary day. So far, anyway.

I’ve spent time reading articles on dying from cancer and on things you should learn in design school. 208 more words


Suratku untuk Kamu, Wahai Wanitaku di Masa Depan

Teruntuk Kamu,
Hari ini aku akan bercerita tentang keadaanku. Yang sendiri karena ditinggal pergi. Oleh wanita yang sebelumnya datang mengisi hari. Dan bertahan untuk belum membangun hubungan cinta kembali, namun tak menutup kemungkinan cinta yang datang. 193 more words



29th January 2015

A wedding, a celebration, guests including Jesus, his disciples and his mother. Ordinary, ordinary ordinary! Again Jesus in a normal situation and yet showing something new… 29 more words

Thought For The Day

Past Lives

We laughed our way through life
Too loudly
Heads thrown back, mouths open
Ferocious belonging
This was not about balance

You gave me Home and Proud and Safe. 140 more words

Luscious Poetry

Australia Day 2015

Melbourne has a parade on Australia Day. I can’t say it has ever really poked it’s head out of the hummus on my dipping platter before, so I was quite surprised to discover it’s huge – bigger than Moomba, and Moomba is not very big at all. 493 more words

SOME ordinary details..

Un calduros bunā tuturor cititorilor si scriitorilor , fara prea mari pretentii deoarece si pentru cā imaginatia mea e pretutindeni , ma voi limita la ce gandesc si ce dreg (stiind faptul ca de multe ori , ori ma bag prea mult in detalii, ori chiar incep sa devin o iubitoare a povestiilor si a descriilor) … 510 more words