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Ordinary Differential Equations Using MATLAB 3rd Edition Explained

Form the differential equation of the family of circles touching the axis at origin.

NOTE 1: We could have written it in a more familiar way as: `(dy)/(dx) ` + 9x = 0… 307 more words

What Do You Expect?

A great question! What are our expectations? What do we expect and who are we relying on for those expectations to be met?

Mediocre M

Nothing extrodinary
just ordinary

blending in
with the masses

Nothing special
Nothing worthy

Nowhere to go
Mediocre M

Will It NEVER End?!

I thought by now, on the brink of turning 30…haha I mean 40, I wouldn’t have much left to discover about myself only to discover I know nothing! 541 more words


Day Fifteen: Pigeons

Alighting with the grace of a thrown brick, then awkward and stumbling, edging out one precarious foot at a time along the slender branches that hold your roundness only by sheer determination (and a little faith). 60 more words

Pelatihan Jurnalistik (habis)

Sambungan dari Pelatihan Jurnalistik (part 1)

Minggu (13/04/2014)

Keesokan harinya, Minggu, saya membangunkan Ita sekitar jam 05.00 pagi dan menyuruhnya mandi. Saya mengajaknya ke asrama terlebih dahulu untuk mandi dan ganti baju. 373 more words


Pelatihan Jurnalistik (part 1)

Sabtu (12/04/2014)

Pagi itu, tiba tiba hp saya yang sedang dicharge bunyi. Saya yang masih terlelap terpaksa bangun. Saya pikir siapa yang telepon, ternyata teman saya, Dewi. 545 more words