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Reality has this way of destroying everything you have ever dreamed and hoped for in your life. It takes what you want and gets your hopes up and destroys it. 416 more words

LASTing Peace, Week 42, Plain Old, Ordinary, Nothing Special--Me

Ever felt that way? Taking a quick glance at 1 Thessalonians 4, let’s find out how God feels about “ordinary”.

Digging A Little Deeper

Within the Ordinary

The point from which one gains the most clarity is through the cleansing fire of adversity. When life has become an inescapable misery, and you imagine you will never again understand what it feels to be happy, something others pass off as ordinary transforms its self into the extraordinary, and you glimpse clearly the beauty along life’s journey.


It's Like This...

It’s Like This…

Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52

July 27, 2014

There’s a video which I’ve seen passed around a lot recently…

In the video 3 German students stop by a homeless man on the street. 994 more words


Daily Muse #39: The Beauty is in the Details

I finally bought and received my new camera, well new to me, this week, and I have enjoyed playing with it.  It is a used Nikon D3100 with both the 18 to 55 mm lens and 55 to 200 mm telephoto lens.  305 more words


Over the Apocalypse

Aunt: I watch all of these Apocalypse movies, and I think, is this all they can up with? The highest stakes being the end of the world? 25 more words

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