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52,252 steps up

After 10 days of walking up stairs in London’s blocks of flats, skyscrapers, offices, train stations, car parks and shopping centres I have ascended the equivalent height of Mount Everest. 163 more words


One of our dinosaurs is missing

We chose to move on. Although exactly which way was not clear to us. We stopped at the exit to the site and we both said ‘left’ in unison. 933 more words

When is the Devil’s Chair not the Devil’s Chair? The answer is, when it’s Manstone (Or Manstone Rock). I see photographs quite often purporting to be the Devil’s Chair. 249 more words


How to name your road

In Motorway or motornay? I coloured UK roads by the first number in their name. To make the nomenclature clearer I have grouped these roads into regions, then coloured the map below. 114 more words

Ordnance Survey

Motorway or motornay?

A good friend (about to move away – boo) taught me the car game motorway or motornay? in which players take it in turns to guess the veracity of suggested motorways. 70 more words

Ordnance Survey

Getting lost in maps

Its not often that I blog here on my fascination with maps. But yesterday’s find in a charity shop, a 1955 map of my home area, an OS Sheet SD54 1:25,000, brought home once again how wonderful it is to get lost in maps. 307 more words


The Centre of Great Britain

If someone asked you where the centre of Great Britain was or for that matter where the centre of England was, would you know? Or more to the point would you care? 800 more words

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