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Q is for... well, just keep reading

Q is for… We’ll get to that in a minute – Miners, next to the cowboy there may be no more iconic character than the miner of the Old West, panning for gold or climbing the hills with his burrow and pickaxe. 538 more words

Hearing radio waves with galena

What does it look like?

What is it?

Galena, which is a form of lead (II) sulfide, is the most important lead ore mineral. The structure image probably looks quite familiar, as Galena takes up the… 84 more words

Mineral Structures


Sooooooooo you guys I am excited to introduce to you The Ore Ajewole show. First of all I must say I am so proud of Ore not only because I know her, but because this is such a big feat, especially in a University like Obafemi Awolowo. 236 more words


Ma dezbrac...

… de tine cu fiecare zi care trece. Incep sa uit cum era atingerea ta, sa nu-ti mai aud glasul peste tot, sa nu-mi mai rasune in cap cuvintele tale. 298 more words

Despre Iubire, Minciuni Si Ura

Man Cuts Open Dead Porcupine in Search of Mineral, Saves Baby Instead | No April Fool's Joke


Man Cuts Open Dead Porcupine in Search of Mineral, Saves Baby Instead

A Maine man in search of a valuable mineral cut open a dead porcupine on the side of the road and unexpectedly pulled out its baby. 162 more words



In Skyrim I raided a few different places and then when I went to sell stuff I realized I had a book I hadn’t read yet that makes me able to transmutate iron ore into silver ore, and then silver ore into gold ore!! 607 more words


Ore smiled as his room-mates continued hailing him, they were obviously excited that he had finally asked Dami out, he had however skipped out the details that he had almost flopped while at it, that detail was not all that necessary, was it? 927 more words

Meant To Be