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Seaweed Spiral and Feather

A gentle composition taken on a beach with a very fierce ocean.
Cannon Beach, Oregon

Stay tuned

for an album of HD selfies and an interminable narrative documenting my three-ish days in Oregon.

Here is a sneak peek of what is to come:


May 18, 2007- Not Forgetting

As I get older, I am struck by those things that I now recognize as being innately ME. Not things that are just bad habits, or things that are passing fads, but things that make me who I am – warts and all. 445 more words



Luckily for me they accepted Walk-Ups too ;)


Librarians...Oh, the Job You Don't Do...

Hey, remember me? Sorry for the long gap….just could never piece together a decent post to rant about and then bam, summer was here. Sweet summer. 464 more words

Portland, Oregon, Police Shoot Man Suspected of Trying to Carjack Motorists on I-84 Offramp

Riots, looting, and TV satellite trucks from all over the globe expected in Portland at any moment

PORTLAND, Ore. –  Police in Portland, Oregon, say an officer shot a man who was a pointing a gun at passing cars on an… 74 more words