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To Sir Johnny Depp

                I don’t know anything about you other than from the movies I’ve seen and the occasional things I’ve read along the way.  I’m definitely a fan of your work (much respect, loved you in Tusk btw) and always felt like we were similar in some ways though I couldn’t put much reason to it, just a feeling.   326 more words

It just an anime.

All Anime, All The Time

It would be even worse when they called it Chinese cartoon….


Oreimo 2 (season two) Review

Of course I had to continue with Oreimo 2 because the first season was so eccentric! If you haven’t already, check out my anime review of… 751 more words


Oreimo (season one) Review

Hi. Let me just say that all anime fans and people who disgrace anime alike should watch this series. Oreimo is much more than eroge and brotherly love, as it hits home in the idea of anime and its view to the public. 812 more words


1/1.2 Scale OreImo Kirino Nekomimi Bikini Figure Soft Bust Figure!

Griffon Enterprise has revealed that they will be releasing a 1/1.2 scale figure of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai Kousaka Kirino figure. 63 more words