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WEBTASTIC: Newest 'Oreo' Flavor! NOM NOM NOM!

Root Beer Float Oreos Taste Like Retro Soda Parlors and Drive-In Movies http://t.co/2stAb2Ily5 pic.twitter.com/jFEwi1pt1I

— foodbeast.com (@foodbeast) July 23, 2014

FINALLY! A new Oreo flavor I can get down with.

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Oreo Brownies

What do you do when you can’t sleep? I bake. It actually helps calm me down and takes all the stress away. I decided to go on with one of the easiest recipes – brownies. 224 more words


The Best MOD Trainer

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Resep Oreo Goreng

Okay, aku mau share tentang cara buat oreo goreng nih, selain mudah dan praktis. Ini cocok untuk jadi cemilan di waktu santai, malah untuk bekal ke sekolah misalnya hehe:) 99 more words


Oreo...of the Sunflower Avenue Series

“This is how the brothas do it, huh? Huh, Oreo?”

His hips gyrated unevenly and he looked like a scarecrow that was just learning to walk. 203 more words