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Oreo Croissants

The perfect Franco-American mash-up, Oreo Cookies crushed into layers of buttery croissant dough, proofed and baked to perfection. The finishing touch…chocolate and white icing. My American-born, French-raised adult children love them! 8 more words



A couple of my favorite store bought pumpkin items!

This is the best pumpkin yogurt I have found, so creamy and pumpkin-y I like it better than the Chobani one. 43 more words


Eat to Live or Eat an Oreo Cookie, That Is the Question

I wish I could eat an Oreo cookie

Saw one just the other day

It had orange filling in it for Halloween

This unholy craving is getting in my way… 68 more words


The Stress No-Baker

I am (and always have been) a big proponent of homemade. Not for any reason other than it’s way easier than people think and it always tastes better. 214 more words


Puppy Dogs Posing for Pictures

Below is the gallery of photos that I promised you. Most of the shots show one or more of the three holy terrors–Ling Ling, Oreo, and Tilly Tot. 651 more words


Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo

Oh wow this is delicious! The chunky pieces of Oreo make it gorgeously crunchy! The Oreo flavour really comes across too. The single serve bar is pretty chunky, so I wonder if I’d like it as much in the flatter large bar? 15 more words