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Just When You Think You Know Someone... You Realise You Don't!

Hi All

You know how they say that you can live with someone for a lifetime and still not really know them? Well, obviously I haven’t lived with Richard for a lifetime, but I do think that I know him, which is hardly fair because there is no way he knows me…at least, not the part of me that constantly confuses and surprises him. 973 more words

The Transplant Story

Before I begin I want to thank you for all the calls, texts, comments, messages, etc.  I wish I could respond to each of them, but it’s just been too busy here in the ICU.  2,090 more words

Lung Transplant

Jody Got Lungs!

It is with a heart full of awe and gratitude that I announce:

Third time was the charm!  Jody is out of the OR and now in the cardiovascular surgical intensive care unit (CVSICU), where he arrived at roughly 0345 this morning.  323 more words

Cystic Fibrosis

Should homosexuals be allowed to donate organs/ body tissue?

I’ve had to let go of ALOT of anger and learn to forgive myself recently.  Things happen and we don’t know why but find out much later, there is some rationality behind the actions/reactions. 228 more words

50 Miles: Hidden tears behind sunglasses

I’m going to be gross for a minute. Skip to the next paragraph now if gross medical stuff makes you want to toss your cookies. Twenty-eight months ago I was lying in a hospital bed at Lahey Hospital with a new liver of just 6 days. 754 more words

Liver Disease

No, I just can't forget...

Jonathan  9.11.1977 – 8.10.1988

Who?  I’d like you to meet my brother, Jonathan.  He would have been 37 years old today.  Born in Bitburg, Germany on… 192 more words

My Story

Who is Purple Chick?

Dedicate my 1st Blog to my Dad, Leonard Stanley Thornley, who died from Polycystic Kidney Disease aged 36 from an Aneurism suddenly. I was 11. 352 more words