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#Listen - More Exploitation: Harvesting Organs

Following up on my post yesterday, this morning I was listening to the CBC Radio program The Current, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti, when she announced a segment on allegations that China is harvesting the organs of political prisoners. 70 more words

Emotions Running High on the Wait-list

Over 60% of those who have received a heart transplant required this because of a bacterial or viral disease in their heart. It’s not something anyone can predict or plan for – or indeed something that can be prevented. 162 more words


When I was sitting in my Integrated Marketing class, you could have never told me that my first job out of college would be based on life and death. 852 more words


This dialysis thing isn't all it's cracked up to be

I’m not sure if I can blame the fact that I’m tethered to a machine whirring away beside me all night long, but I haven’t had a consistently good night of sleep in a while. 159 more words

Getting a kidney

 A friend of mine is slowly recuperating from a kidney transplant. After months of ill health and many tests, he finally found out that his mother was a match. 530 more words