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Organ Donation Week at STLCOP

This past week was Organ Donation Week at STLCOP. Over the last couple weeks, I have been working with a few of my Kappa Epsilon sisters to plan our first Organ Donation Week. 141 more words


A Teenage Girl's Journey With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease affects people of all ages. Here is a series of three online news articles about a 13-year-old girl from Michigan who was diagnosed with a rare, possibly unique, combination of kidney diseases, a year-and-a-half ago. 890 more words

Get On With It

As much as friends and family want me to get on with life and get back to the business of living, maybe even have the old me back, I want that even more for me. 292 more words



Donating – something a lot of people, including me, feel guilty not doing.

However, my views changed today when a guest speaker came into my RE class in college!  463 more words

Perspectives of Transplant Physicians and Surgeons on Reimbursement, Compensation, and Incentives for Living Kidney Donors

Every day potential recipients of organ transplants die because there is a shortage of donors. This situation has stimulated debate on financial incentives for living kidney donors. 750 more words

Welcome to our new blog

This blog has been created by a group of concerned people who live in Manitoba. We are working together to increase organ donation in the province. 17 more words

Manitoba Health

November 18th, 2008 a day to remember

There will never be enough or adequate words to express my gratitude because of them we were given a chance. A chance at a life. A life without urea cycle disorder. 43 more words