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On Halloween and Until Death Do Us Parts

A few years back I tore my ACL playing soccer. The orthopedic surgeon discussed the options and told me I could either take out a slice of my patellar tendon and use that the replace my ACL or else use a cadaver part. 1,244 more words

The Strawbelly Express, with Pictures!

When I lived in Japan, I once saw a little red pickup truck, painted a bright strawberry red. It had alloy wheels (or as we used to say, “mag” wheels), oversized tires and wooden slats on either side of the pickup bed to give it a bit of a stylized rural effect. 348 more words

#Listen - More Exploitation: Harvesting Organs

Following up on my post yesterday, this morning I was listening to the CBC Radio program The Current, hosted by Anna Maria Tremonti, when she announced a segment on allegations that China is harvesting the organs of political prisoners. 70 more words

Emotions Running High on the Wait-list

Over 60% of those who have received a heart transplant required this because of a bacterial or viral disease in their heart. It’s not something anyone can predict or plan for – or indeed something that can be prevented. 162 more words


When I was sitting in my Integrated Marketing class, you could have never told me that my first job out of college would be based on life and death. 852 more words