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Donate the Gift of Life

I had no personal experiences with organ donation before 1997. I was aware it could help other people. I dutifully signed the consent on my drivers license. 327 more words


The Flipside of Hope is Despair

Jim and Marah are among the most hopeful and positive people you’ll ever meet. Faced with Jim’s devastating illness and the endless wait for a new heart, they’ve been amazingly stoic and optimistic. 295 more words

Just four miles into the storm

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So much is outlook. We cannot view a situation without providing context from what we remember, expect, believe. As I prepare to run 26 miles I always remind myself that four years ago, running ten minutes nonstop was too much. 523 more words

How to Save a Life

No, this is not a post about CPR.  Or about that Fray song.  It’s about becoming an organ donor.  Which, if you live in North Carolina, is surprisingly easy to do. 435 more words

Real Talk

A Heart-felt Thanks to Organ Donors

As I child, I couldn’t imagine being an organ donor. I thought the idea of someone taking something from my loved one—well, frankly disturbing. I argued with my parents, both of whom had chosen to be organ donors, and boldly stated I would not be one. 535 more words


The cost of kidneys

It’s not infinite as some people might think, given the restricted supply. No, even with black market prices, it’s only about $200,000

We need to make selling organs legal! 99 more words