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Update (04/16/2014)

No picture this time because everything looks pretty the same – however, most of the plants are developing their true leaves. The zucchini is still doing exceptionally well – all have at least one true leaf developed. 354 more words


Home brewing

April has arrived! From what I recall last year, it was one (out of two) of the months in which the Tri-Cities experiences excellent weather: temperatures between the 70s-80s, calm, and sunny. 251 more words

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Black gold

Sunday’s to-do list included some of this

Black gold

Compost. Finally, bed prepping for spring plantings is underway. So exciting. Also arrived was our straw bales. 12 more words


Benefits of Vermicast in point form.


Benefits of Vermicast in point form.


Biota – Micro-organisms beneficial to the soil.

Cationic Exchange Rate – Exchange rate at which trace elements (cationic = positive) are attracted to vegetative matter (anionic = negative). 750 more words

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Soil Testing and Soil Improvement

While many of us have our garden plans laid out for the year, it’s not too late to do what we can to improve our soil before we get to planting.
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Grower's Secret Organic Fertilizer

Chaz Berman is a serial entrepreneur who has worked on eight notable projects during a successful, 30-year career. He studied sociology and art history at Case Western Reserve University before earning a master of science in business administration with a major in marketing and human resources from San Francisco State University. 138 more words

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Orchid Opportunities

Orchids deserve to be shown off. I think most would agree they are rather notably impressive plants that really deliver on gorgeousness. I challenge all gardeners to take the opportunity to get them out of pots and green houses and into the spaces where they would occur naturally.   251 more words