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International Coffee Day | Raw Organic Coffee Substitute from ISWARI

All over Twitter and various news websites this morning, people were paying homage to the humble cup of joe. The coffee industry is one of the most lucrative in the world earning almost $100billion annually, and the coffee bean is the most sought after commodity worldwide after crude oil. 860 more words


Lose Weight With These Seven Foods

You want to lose weight without depriving yourself of those tasty foods you crave everyday. Is this possible? The common dilemma that dieters experience is the constant fight between their taste buds and their will to succeed. 479 more words

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Organic News (No.3)

A quick round up of the latest news in the world of organics.

What It Means to Be Organic

What exactly does Organic mean? The organic seal means food that has been grown in ways that have passed nature’s own test. 177 more words

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Organic Foods - why I want to eat 'em

 All organic Food for thought

I have been going on about organic foods a lot lately.  Actually I only realised yesterday just how much I must have been going on about it, as I watched the following scene play out –  my 3 year old son offered one of his crackers to another 3 year old boy, the other 3 year old happily accepted, at which time my 3 year old proudly announced “its organic”.   994 more words


Pepsi, thou hath tricked me.

Or is it “thou hast”?  I used to know these things when I studied Shakespeare and esoteric authors.  Alas, it seems some details suddenly slip away.  374 more words

Organic Foods

Organic Foods vs Convential Foods the decision is yours!

Organic foods are grown and harvested without the use of synthetic (man-made) pesticides and fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics and growth hormones. Organic foods are also less ‘processed’. 574 more words

Organic gift ideas


Listed here are the top natural and organic gifts in the On the web Organic and natural Food items Inc. Should you actually want to explain to you cherish an individual you ought to post these individuals organic and natural items.

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