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Kuri, Cabbages, Tomato Soup and Winter

The forecast of snow and freezing rain prompted me to pull in the last of the cabbage. Blustery winds and an icy chill, the kind that goes right to the fingertips, drove me into the kitchen. 355 more words


Mulch garden beds with fall leaves

What’s the best way to use leaves as mulch in the garden? Can we just blow them off the lawn and into the garden beds? 315 more words


Composted Leaf Mold Starts in Your Own Yard

Composting Leaf Mold

So, what happens each Fall, when we start getting leaves? We always say, or mean to, re-use them in our landscape, compost, garden beds, and what happens? 454 more words

Ammending Soil

Pecan-Glazed Butternut Squash Pudding

One of my favorite garden vegetables is squash.  It’s easy to grow, easy to store, easy to cook, and delicious in the fall and can easily last through the winter (if you don’t eat them all up too quickly, as we’ve done :) ).  344 more words

GAPS™ Diet

Planting a Winter Garden: Status Report

It’s been one week since I sowed the seeds for soil repair. I’ve been watching closely hoping for some green sprout to push its way through the rich dark top soil. 19 more words

Organic Gardening

Grow Peppers as Perennials

Growing peppers organically is second nature to me but I really never thought about trying to keep my sweet Italian peppers alive through the winter. 99 more words

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