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Making a Garden that Welcomes Wildlife - Warner Gulf Gardens

This garden has it all! It is heaven on earth to live in such a special spot, complete with everything to make peace with nature and wildlife. 421 more words


Garden Helpers

I wish that I had started vegetable gardening as a child. I would definitely know a lot more than I do now, having gotten several rookie mistakes out of the way by the time that I hit adolescence. 644 more words

Healthy Mind

22 July 2014


Growing more for less cash. Click here

They still taste like the carrots they are. Click here

Goes against everything in me but here’s an article on soil solarisation. 66 more words

Organic Gardening

Journey So Far

So I thought I would write a little bit about the journey surrounding my garden to date. One, so I don’t forget and two, in case anyone else is interested in reading about it. 470 more words


Oops Wicking Bed ( And Self Watering Container) Mistakes and Fixes

I need to ask your forgiveness. I followed some very bad advice in my container garden this year, and worse, I passed on the information before I tested it. 531 more words

Vegetable Gardening

A recent garden harvest

My vegetable garden is going well so far this year. I have made it more low maintenance by using compost, mulch, worm castings, companion planting, and permaculture methods. 123 more words


Compost Tea of Your Very Own

I continue to be amazed that the quality of compost is so important to chemical free gardening.  Superior compost is not a quick and easy process.  285 more words