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Hugels, swales offer DIY rainwater catchment options

It’s fall. Have you hugged your hugel today?

In these years of drought, rainwater catchment makes more sense than ever. Rain costs nothing and is free of hard minerals and chlorine. 62 more words

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Mound gardening really works

Came across another German gardening term that’s a lot easier in plain English: Hugelkultur. Found lots of online sites that talk it up, all using that same unpronounceable term, but all defining it by its rough translation: hill or mound culture. 90 more words

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Naturally occurring mulch can be pretty and useful

In December, many gardeners look forward to taking a little time off from working in the landscape, but cool weather is a good time to apply a layer of mulch. 103 more words

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Use organic spray to ward off cabbage bugs


Q: What can I use for bugs on my cabbage now?

A: The usual bugs on cabbage are aphids, whiteflies or cabbage looper. 302 more words

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Growing Fenugreek (Methi) in a Pot

Fenugreek is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Methi leaves have numerous health benefits too. It contains many vitamins and minerals as well as protein. 209 more words


Taste of Taveuni

Humans have long chosen to live close to volcanos for one simple reason: the soil. The prehistoric, mineral-rich ash and molten lava eventually settles down into rich fertile land that is perfect for farming. 130 more words

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Our 2014-15 research programme

Beef + Lamb New Zealand’s investment in research this year underpins our ability to meets the needs of farmers and the sector, while delivering knowledge that drives farm performance and build sheep and beef sector’s confidence and profile in New Zealand. 1,145 more words


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