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Tipple Time- Eat Local Challenge #7

I’m not much of a drinker. Half a glass of wine, a full glass if I’m feeling particularly robust and that’s about it. That’s not to say I don’t like it, I do, I love wine lots and lots. 372 more words

Eating Locally

Another silent spring?

In 1962 Rachel Carson write a book called Silent Spring in which she warned that pesticides were contributing to the “sudden silencing of the song of birds.” Back then DDT, an organophosphate, was the main culprit. 167 more words

Cuckfield Local

Organic Squash

This summer, we decided to start a trial plot of organic squash. We bought growing bags, filled them with organic soil and fertilizer, then planted the squash seeds inside. 45 more words

Western NY

Organic Canine Fanatic

People everywhere are starting to rethink what they eat, what they wear and how they conduct their lives in an effort to live clean, healthy and sustainably.  263 more words


Welcome Home

I have been off the grid lately, and although I would love that to mean that I have been lounging on a beach in the middle of the ocean drinking out of coconuts and getting fed tropical fruit by hunky tan native men, unfortunately that is not the case. 139 more words

My Cooking

It's Going to be All Rye

As a part of our larger effort to source our grains from local farms, our friend Ryan Roseman planted a field of Rye for us at Coke Farms. 43 more words


Park City Farmer's Market going strong!

If you haven’t stopped by this year, you’re definitely missing out! The Park City Farmer’s Market is today and going strong! Lots of amazing vendors and the freshest local goods and produce are available. 13 more words

Farmers Market