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I’m 2 days into my 365 day streak of keeping the washing up to an absolute minimum. I have plenty of tools and strategies in place to help me adhere to my promise but what about the other people I share my home and life with? 233 more words


The Disorganised Teacher’s Guide to Being Organised.

The Disorganised Teacher’s Guide to Being Organised.

I have always held a firm belief that organisation is brilliant. I love it. The idea that everything is exactly where you need it, whenever you need it; knowing that, having been asked for a resource, you’re able to reply ‘of course, it’s in the yellow drawers’, is wonderful to me. 1,292 more words


Student self-reflection


I saw this form for student self reflection and thought I need to make a few tweaks so it would be relevant for my Arabic class. 33 more words


Dropbox update - MyPaperless PhD

Just a quick post today-

After thinking that I wasn’t saving to dropbox properly at work, I found the real problem was not closing the windows/programs I was working with on my laptop. 102 more words


My New Workspace/Organisation Tips

I am finally happy with how my desk is set up (it’s taken a while) so I thought I would share with you what I’ve got on it and also add in some of my organisational tips because I’m nice like that. 603 more words

“It’s in the Bag” declutter challenge: Week 4

Welcome to the fourth and final week of  the “It’s in the bag” declutter challenge! You can read more about it here but essentially we’ve been taking 5 minutes to fill a bag each day of stuff to donate or throw out. 491 more words


21 Day Challenge

You are probably blinking at this page shocked that something new has appeared. Believe me, I am even more shocked!

I am well aware of my horrendous ability to keep this blog updated. 901 more words