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When you’ve a lot of figures you eventually come across the problem of displaying them. With space being something of a limited resource you can’t really have one line of figures per shelf. 323 more words


The internet of (selling) things. Will your washing machine sell you powder?

Retailing (and other B2C businesses) used to be simple. Goods were procured at the lowest cost and sold for a margin in a physical store. Then came phone, internet & mobile channels, creating new opportunities but also new complexity (e.g., tracking customers across channels, optimising supply chain). 335 more words


12 weeks till Christmas!

Yes, it is that time of year! Department stores are being adorned in tinsel and christmas carols begin to blast through the sound system. Friends – we are officially on Christmas countdown! 289 more words


The Disorganised Teacher’s Guide to Being Organised.

The Disorganised Teacher’s Guide to Being Organised.

I have always held a firm belief that organisation is brilliant. I love it. The idea that everything is exactly where you need it, whenever you need it; knowing that, having been asked for a resource, you’re able to reply ‘of course, it’s in the yellow drawers’, is wonderful to me. 1,292 more words


Student self-reflection


I saw this form for student self reflection and thought I need to make a few tweaks so it would be relevant for my Arabic class. 33 more words


Dropbox update - MyPaperless PhD

Just a quick post today-

After thinking that I wasn’t saving to dropbox properly at work, I found the real problem was not closing the windows/programs I was working with on my laptop. 102 more words