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It's never too late for a New Years Resolution!

For an organisation geek, I am terribly messy. The particular scene of crime is usually my bedroom. Now, there’s plenty of excuses I could use – but the simple truth is that I’m busier than ever at the moment and tidying really isn’t my priority. 391 more words


The EASTER ZONE of the Crystal Maze

Today I set an Easter Egg hunt in the shed for my partner. He’s 31. It had a 30 second timer on it prior to a potential lock in. 717 more words

What is not sensible, is what men do. Which is LEAVE STUFF EVERYWHERE.

C: Where have you HIDDEN it?
Me: I haven’t hidden anything.
C: Yes, you have. You have touched my stuff and hidden my stuff away. 868 more words


Simple Life Paper Work

In our house paperwork is one of the biggest chores. I find paperwork boring and it is a job I would rather not have to deal with. 1,002 more words


What I miss out on

My previous post was rather upbeat and positive (how terribly unlike me, she scowls), so I just wanted a little strop about how having a baby (or any caring responsibilities) makes it… 586 more words

My Bullet Journal Update

Last month I posted an introduction to Bullet Journal HERE. Today I’m sharing my update on how this system has been working for me now that I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks. 593 more words


What's so bad about being anal?

If you have accidentally stumbled here whilst searching¬†for porn, you’re about to be severely disappointed.¬†

I have always had a soft spot for chick flicks, but as a girl who doesn’t particularly have her head in the clouds, the romantic story lines do begin to wear thin. 590 more words