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Mercia: Political Parties formed; Rise of Ideological Extremism?

Following the passing of the 6th December Partisan Democracy Act at the previous Meeting of the Mercian Parliament House, the Nobility of the Kingdoms & Lands Represented in the Council of the Diarchal Crowns of the Disciples has gotten down to the business of organising itself into Political Parties. 531 more words


Fighting for Autism

Visit http://fightingforautism.com.au/ or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FightingForAutism for information on this great organisation, in which athletes compete to raise autism awareness and much-needed funds.


Can the international humanitarian sector adapt to the "new normal"?

This post, jointly written with John Mitchell of ALNAP, reflects on the emerging challenges faced by the international humanitarian sector, and the need for systemic changes. 1,162 more words

Public Policy

Dudley borough projects can get their hands on Awards for All funding

We’ve recently learned that Dudley projects are missing out on funding from Awards for All, a Big Lottery Fund programme that offers grants of between £300 and £10,000 for activities that run for 12 months or less. 239 more words



A recent client counted up the number of hours he was spending in meetings per week. The total? Almost 25, many of which are meetings-of-obligation, in which there is little or nothing for him to contribute. 235 more words


Intermicronational: Würtige Empire makes great showing in GUM Elections!

The Würtige Empire, that gathering of nations united by history, has been involved in the intermicronational scene since its inception in December 2012. Each Autonomous Member State has looked out for and protected the interests of the others, and this rings even more true in the Grand Unified Micronational (GUM), the premier Micronational organisation in the Micronation.org community, where the Region of Clyro and its predecessors have fought hard to protect the rights of the other Member States of the Würtige Empire, and have been in turn supported by those states; it was the Region of Clyro’s delegation that persuaded the GUM to give each Autonomous Member State of the Würtige Empire its own vote in the Quorum of Delegates, and the other States rallied to protect those rights from being scrapped during the tenure of Ciprian I of Juclandia as Chair of the Quorum during the 2013-2014 Winter term. 350 more words


Future of Big Data and Healthcare

Most healthcare organisations today are using 2 sets of data: retrospective data, fundamental event-based information collected from medical records, and real-time medical data, the information captured and provided at the point of care (imaging, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, etc)