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Babies, Bosses and Pay Raises: Gender Bias in Organizational Culture

By Emmanuel Trépanier

It is often assumed that progressive social and institutional policies that support gender equality in the work place can single-handedly level the playing field for women and men. 665 more words


Mcdonalds; Criminal Organization and Lovin' it!

McDonalds is a highly successful fast food chain – I’m sure you have all eaten there – but I wonder if every time  you bite into your big mac, you are aware that you are supporting a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE? 937 more words


The Rules....

Might just happen to be my new favourite thing!

I am in the process of finding out more about getting involved with some of their amazing campaigns, but check them out! 154 more words


The Self Aware Organization

(Picture by Spencer Tunick)

This is yet another topic that has been running in the background of #hypertextual for a while now. Three events have contributed to promote it to the foreground. 1,064 more words


Hacking company culture with Mike Rother

This is an awesome video by Mike Rother at Lean Summit 2012. It’s not a friendly format as 18 mns TED’s. It is one hour 15 minutes long but it is worth every second of your time. 149 more words


EUM I Certification and EUM O Appreciation Workshop - Taj West End, Bangalore- November 2014

The Existential Universe Mapper© (EUM) framework helps us understand propensities and likely behaviours linked to one’s identity processes, it also offers a window to the state of the individual -­‐ the extent and nature of equilibrium or stresses that the person is experiencing, and the desired direction.However, the underlying assumptions of the EUM framework mark a significant departure. 97 more words

Using The EUM I