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Tips on how to stay organised and simplify your home

Having too much ‘stuff’ is not helpful if you want to be more organised. Cupboards over flowing with sentimental items that have no use, piles of books you once read that now just gather dust or kitchen cupboards with stacks of plates for every day & ‘when entertaining’. 589 more words


Why We're Here

Despite being sisters we are very different, Lea and I. We look kind of similar but we have very different personalities and approach things in very different ways but we are both thoroughly messy individuals and my personal super power is the ability to not see things that need to be cleaned! 131 more words


Have a hard time getting things done?

How can you tell it’s been a long day.

Do you have a hard time getting things done?

So do I.

In fact, I consider that one of my biggest flaws. 756 more words


Taking time out....

I was recently chatting to a friend of mine who works part-time and has 2 small children and she mentioned that she gets no time to herself at all. 341 more words


Barely Awake, a broken system

There’s so much on mind, so many things I want to write about but there all ideas that are simply branches with no leaves. They’re bare and if they aren’t bare – they’re overcrowded to the point where I can’t see the original idea. 316 more words

Talk Away


In December we have our mock exams at school. Our teachers are already telling us that we need to revise, we have our parents evening coming up and I don’t think that I will ever be on top of my homework! 111 more words