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Craft Room Organization

Some days I feel like I’ve got it all under control. And I kind of have to considering the size of my apartment. There just isn’t room to leave my crafting supplies all over the place. 265 more words



I’ve been told I give some pretty good advice. More often than not, this can be summed up in one word:




What do I mean by this? 375 more words

Too hard to find time?

Finding it hard to make time to exercise or eat right? No worries, you’re not the only one. For some, it has been seven days and counting since hitting the gym last, should that worry you? 215 more words

Make-up storage haul

As mentioned yesterday, I have purchased some new makeup storage from T K Maxx. I think it is amazing and could ahve gone totally wild and bought it all but I had to restrain myself, or more like my boyfriend had to reign me in hehe! 428 more words


My Week #16

I’m in Finland right now and this is a scheduled post… I may be updating my twitter/instagram with photos if you want to be nosy!


Jars x3 Ways

Hi all! This D.I.Y took a bit to get up here but it finally made it! So now I will share my jar-whispering with you all and hopefully you can use this to help organise some bits and bobs around the house with a bit of style! 22 more words