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21 Day Challenge

You are probably blinking at this page shocked that something new has appeared. Believe me, I am even more shocked!

I am well aware of my horrendous ability to keep this blog updated. 901 more words

The Minimalist Game - Week 1

I’m a bit late posting this (when am I ever NOT late?!) but here we are! My first installment of Operation: Get rid of all the shit I don’t need. 326 more words

Sewing studio

This is some ‘after the hoover before the clear up’ pics:

So today I have found myself at the end of a run of projects and commissions … I have a couple of kiddy free hours and am contemplating having a sort out.  184 more words

Tutorial ~ Chalkboard Storage Jars

It’s that time of year again, it’s time to go back to school. Like many teachers when I refer to the New Year, I don’t mean January 1st. 322 more words


Time Management

Something I am quite adept to is time management; mainly coming from my inability to just do one thing at once. I have three quite big things going on at the moment, in descending order of importance and effort they are: 496 more words


Day 51: Planning To Plan

I keep planning to be more organised and do more with the little time I have each day, but so far it hasn’t worked. 

When you work night shifts you have to pre-plan if you need to go into town or just to the shops and you need to set an alarm to get there before they close. 103 more words


Ten tips to get Back To School ready

I always think that September is almost as good as January for getting your head straight and organised for the few months ahead.  I try and use it as a chance to have a good old clean and sort out too – an Autumn instead of Spring clean if you like. 585 more words

Getting Sorted