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Life Asserts Itself

Concerning the term “Bioethics”

The term “bioethics” is, of course, the outcome of a hybridity between the terms bios and ethos. 

The Greek word ‘bios’ relates to a quite plain sense of life itself, particularly in such a way that contains life’s many and complex biological undertones. 765 more words



A series of floating sculptures from Thomas Jackson’s work. The idea of these pieces were “inspired by self-organizing, ‘emergent’ systems in nature such as termite mounds, swarming locusts, schooling fish and flocking birds.” As Jackson said himself. 8 more words

Art Work

GMO's: A Great Method for Overpopulation or Good for Monopolising Organisations?

So, I am surprised I have chosen this as my first issue to write about, as I tend to be quite passive and avoid contentious issues. 913 more words


Reading: Page 27-32 ( IB ESS OXFORD)


  • Setting the scene
    • Three sections: Biomes, Ecosystem structure and ecosystem function.
  • Ecosystem are made up of the organisms and physical environment and the interactions between the living and non-living components within them.
  • 394 more words
IB Environmental Systems & Society

Orange Slime Mold

A macro photo of Orange Slime Mold, unknown identification pending a search of some local field guides.  These molds are apparently made up of numerous amoeba.  24 more words