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The Cell Series

My latest project combines printing and photography techniques to produce abstract images that can appear to be of the biological sense of both body and nature. 21 more words

'Drawing' Natural Organisms

In order to develop my work around nature I have chosen two specific sites that allow me to investigate the inhabitants of the natural world in different ways. 141 more words

BA Fine Art

Social Theory - Structural Functionalism

The second theory mentioned in chapter two of “Sociology:  The basics” is the theory that “the social” exists as structure, function and institution.

A metaphor given for imagining this method of understanding society is the body. 182 more words

Society And Politics

Biological Life and evolution..

It is said that life on earth began after a single celled organism was transported to this planet by a meteorite, or as some say that the complex organic molecules necessary were synthesized during the extreme conditions of earths manifestation which began a catalytic chemical reaction to give life to the most basic and primitive of all life forms known to us- a single celled organism. 421 more words

Still alive!

A lot has happened in my aquaria over the holidays.  Poor little fish got ich and a bunch died.  But Shrimpy survived!  And then he molted or she molted.  46 more words

The Largest Living Organism in the World is a Mushroom

When you consider candidates for the largest living thing on earth, there may be several different things that come to mind.

Perhaps the blue whale, the largest mammals known to inhabit the earth, growing up to 30 metres long (that’s 3 double-decker buses end to end!) and weighing around 181 metric tonnes. 222 more words

Interesting Facts