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Organizing Break

As my readers know, I have no qualms about being an open nerd. You guys are about to see that soar to a whole new level, though! 565 more words

No Time for Cleaning?

Your apartment is a mess. You’re sick of it. If you have to look at that pile of clothes for one more minute, you might throw it out the window…but studying for your upcoming exam seems way more important, so you just don’t have time to clean. 383 more words


A Jewelry Mess and Makeover

If anyone is like me they have the same mess of jewelry that I have.  The standards usually sit in a glass dish on my dresser, while my everyday wear never leaves my neck, my ears, my fingers.   380 more words

Closet Makeover

The Meal Plan to Create this Holiday Season!

Happy week of Christmas!

As a short recap, my mom and I are teaming up to create a balanced, happy, healthy holiday season! We decided the holidays would not become an excuse to mistreat our bodies – rather the perfect opportunity to nourish them! 452 more words

How many people are left on your shoppin

How many people are left on your shopping list for Christmas?


My Narnia

I’m glad I shifted to Hyderabad. I’m glad I found a friend who was perfect for me. I’m glad she took me to a recruitment by the world’s largest youth-run organization known as AIESEC. 460 more words

Why People Fail

Nobody fails because they’re a bad person. In fact, some of the most wonderful and impressive people who have ever graced the earth have failed hundreds of times before and after they had great successes.   349 more words

Reasonable Revolution