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Why This Blog Exists

Introductions are always so awkward and forced. I figured a good place to start would be why I created this blog and what I ultimately want to come of it. 87 more words

College Applications

6 Ways I Display Jewelry

I LOVE jewelry. Well actually, I don’t necessarily love the jewelry itself. Rather, I love the cute and creative ways that I have everything displayed. 747 more words


A little re-merchandising

Today we are tackling a very serious problem that plagues fancy pants everywhere. Bauble organization. If you are like me you have quite the collection of jewelry. 240 more words


Altruism, for fun and profit

July is a great month for birthdays; birthdays of Democracy, that is.

The US of A was effectively born at the beginning of the month, and the next great democratic experiment was born in the middle.   345 more words


Are TV remotes creating clutter in your

Are TV remotes creating clutter in your rooms. Velcro them to the back of your TV’s and voila – out of sight but easy to find!


My head's in a cloud...

I’ve been working on condensing all of my genealogy files into a central location that I can access from anywhere – in other words, I’ve been trying to put everything out on “the cloud”. 1,375 more words


The DIYer's Chronic ADHD (You Know What I Mean)

I decided to drop this little post here, because I think it goes along with what this blog is about.

I’m currently redecorating my home.  I felt like it needed a refresh, so I ordered new furniture, bedding, artwork, pillows…you get the picture.   1,257 more words