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Spring Cleaning! Tips and Tricks

We could all do with a little cleaning and organization every once in a while. The clutter I tackled, was all of my art stuff. That sat messily on my crafting table for the longest time. 193 more words


Did you know there are no naturally occu

Did you know there are no naturally occurring blue foods, even blueberries are purple!


Quick Tip: Organize your presentation like a diamond

Think “diamond-shaped” when you prepare your next presentation: Start with a strong point, expand it with argument and example facets, then narrow to a concise close. 8 more words

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How to Save Ukraine

By Keith Darden – Inattention to Ukraine’s internal demons reflects a dangerous misreading of current events; the struggle between Russia and the West has been a catalyst, but not a cause. 90 more words


The Role For The Business Press As Watchdog And Think Tank

By Paul Glader – News organizations could do a better job of labeling and explaining the difference between news and opinion. And news organizations should recognize their potential to expand their opinion and analysis role. 26 more words

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