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A Clean Room is a Happy Room

Personally I HATE CLUTTER. Okay, so not just clutter I hate dust, disorganization, mess, and a room where I can’t find my zen. If I am going to sit in your room for an extended period of time and there is crap laying around everywhere and it smells funky I will probably never come back. 381 more words


Campus Initiative Summit - New York!

Last year the team got the opportunity to travel to New York for the annual UNICEF Campus Initiative Summit. The summit is a special conference where people from different organizations gather with the goal of collaborating, learning and inspiring others. 35 more words


Reminiscing our 2013 Child Slavery and Human Trafficking event

Worldwide, millions of children are exploited and coerced to work in the sex and labor industries. Miami has the third highest rate of human trafficking in the U.S.! 97 more words


Our 2013-2014 Year in Review!

Unicef@FIU thanks everyone who has been part of the events and projects we had for the year of 2013-2014 !

 We are looking forward to Fall 2014-2015 !


Back to School!

Its that time of year again…Back to School! Whether you are going back to high school or college, there are some things you could be doing now to prepare for the upcoming school year. 275 more words

Hooked on organization

Do you agree that the messiest part of a computer is all the cords?

I found a super easy fix to help untangle my computer mess. 51 more words


a pretty agenda will (hopefully) get me organized... i think

so i LOVE printouts. and i always envy them, i know thats super duper weird but its true. no lying on this site. no sirrrrey. 254 more words