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Consultant, Contractor, Temp – All the Same, Right? – Part II

In the last posting we got into the nitty-gritty about what made a consultant a consultant. Today, we’re going to talk about their often confused counterparts: the contractor and temps, but also about why this matters and how it all fits together. 1,149 more words


Consultant, Contractor, Temp – All the Same, Right? – Part I

Someone once told me that I’m a person obsessed with definitions and it’s true: I am. I think defining what is, or isn’t, is always the first step. 777 more words


Organizational Design - A Brief Introduction

The former chief operating officer of BellaFinn in Sparta, NJ, Michael Perry currently works as the head of marketing for ClubsGalore. At ClubsGalore, the Sparta, NJ, resident is responsible for sales, marketing, and communications across all platforms including web, e-mail, social media, event, video, and print . 128 more words

Michael Perry

7 Deadly Sins of Organizational Design

Part of my job is spent on the design and architecture of our patented knowledge network software apps. I was just reading an industry rag on software, when I came across this little… 296 more words

Where's the Slack?

This post is in some ways a continuation of my post about perspective and consulting. I think the biggest question that people will ask in relation to efficiency consulting, one that I’ve asked myself, is where the slack is. 431 more words

Stay focused on what matters (value)

5 guideposts to help keep “reorgs” on track

Posted by Robin Jones and Don Miller on July 22, 2014

Raise your hand if you’ve been involved in an organizational redesign at some point in your career, whether leading or participating in the effort. 655 more words

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Transformational Leadership for Big Data & Analytics Success - Part 3: Organizational Design & Cultural Adoption

In the two previous installments of this series, I focused my viewpoint on;

1.- Defining a Leadership Paradigm for Big Data & Analytics Success

2.- Establishing Top-Down Accountability… 980 more words