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Stay focused on what matters (value)

5 guideposts to help keep “reorgs” on track

Posted by Robin Jones and Don Miller on June 22, 2014

Raise your hand if you’ve been involved in an organizational redesign at some point in your career, whether leading or participating in the effort. 655 more words

HR Transformation

Transformational Leadership for Big Data & Analytics Success - Part 3: Organizational Design & Cultural Adoption

In the two previous installments of this series, I focused my viewpoint on;

1.- Defining a Leadership Paradigm for Big Data & Analytics Success

2.- Establishing Top-Down Accountability… 980 more words

Building the Organizational Learning Culture

We recently showed why organizations should learn. In today’s post I would like to explore how organizations can build a culture of learning. The underlying question was already brought up by… 457 more words

Change Management

When you reflect back on your career and your multiple experiences trying to create value and build equity for yourself and your organizations, a good question to ask is:   where did I learn the best lessons? 468 more words


Organizing for global growth

Management guru Alfred Chandler asserted that business excellence comes about when “structure follows strategy.” Unfortunately, many Canadian firms with global ambitions fail to heed this axiom. 740 more words

Growth Strategy

Why Should Organizations Learn?

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Forgive me for marinating you a little bit in organizational theory today. Let’s go:

Learning is both a process and an outcome. The learning… 372 more words


A Chief Knowledge Office

“Where focus goes, energy flows” quoting Tony Robbins

If I would ask you what products are on your portfolio, I’m pretty sure you would know how to answer me in a compelling way, right? 789 more words