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Understanding Competition, Collaboration, Cooperation, and Compromise - Shifting The Paradigm to Unify and Enhance

Every time an author discusses separating collaboration, cooperation, compromise, and competition into separate pieces and offering one of these as a strategy for success, I want to shout, “none of the offered ‘strategies’ offer the ‘greatest general benefit’ without the support of all the others.” Collaboration is strengthened by cooperation, compromise, and competition. 876 more words

M Dave Salisbury

Technology Integration: An Evaluation - Understanding Technology

Please note:  The following is Part II of the conversation on technology and the workplace.  While written from an academic perspective, the author hopes to launch a conversation on integrating technology and shifting the current paradigm into a more holistic and practical approach to technology.  2,484 more words

M Dave Salisbury

Technology and People - Shifting the Paradigm in Understanding Technology

Please Note:  The following is an academic assignment for UoPX.  I have published this work to launch a conversation about how technology is seen and understood.  827 more words

M Dave Salisbury

Quantification of Organizational strength and quality turns value delivery around while saving significantly on consulting cost to company

With its build in checks and balances, Quantification enables companies to clearly identify the “weakest links” in strategy, organization design and team configurations. With a focus on… 54 more words

Delivery-Fit Organisations Quantified

Aspiring for unfettered growth? Manage teams cautiously!

Organizations, as we all know are open systems that do not operate in a vacuum and are affected by technological, regulatory and fiscal challenges that occur constantly on a daily basis. 503 more words


Energetic Action

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Mind  always thinks in terms of purpose, profit, utility.

When mind disappears, action does not disappear, activity disappears –and there is a great difference between the two. 164 more words

Love Is The Bottom-Line