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Ralph C. Hancock Says My Brain is Rotting

Ordinarily I don’t like to give publicity to the Meridian Magazine.  However, the recent article by Ralph C. Hancock, professor of political science at Brigham Young University, is just plain bizarre.   451 more words


What Can the LDS Church Learn from Harley-Davidson?

I’ve always had a peripheral interest in the evolving dynamics of organizations.  I guess that’s one of the reasons why I was a history major as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University. 451 more words


Greed versus sadism

I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading Advocatus Diaboli, and his view on human nature is interesting. He argues that sadism is a prevailing human trait. 3,537 more words

Office Politics

Sorry, But You've Only Worked at Large Companies

There’s an interview question that I’ve heard from time to time: “You’ve only worked at big companies, what makes you think you can succeed at a smaller company?” Sometimes this isn’t even a question, just a comment that implies that no reasonable person would disagree with the premise. 427 more words

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LDS Charities Makes Presentation at U.N. Event

Among all the banalities in the July 2014 Ensign (official mouthpiece for the LDS Church) is a frustratingly short piece titled:  “LDS Charities Featured at United Nations Event.”  The article reports on presentations made by Sharon Eubank, director of LDS Charities, and others at the U.N.’s “Focus on Faith” series.   304 more words


A Suggested Name Change for "Ordain Women"

Since LDS Church leaders feel that the “Ordain Women” or “OW” organization is being too strident, I would like to suggest some possible name changes that would make the group look less demanding, and allow its members to maintain their church membership. 245 more words


Quality and Production, Partners or Enemies?

Lately I’ve been finding interesting topics on LinkedIn group discussions. The other day a contributor described his difficulty in moving from a quality job to a production job, and then back again. 458 more words

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