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Reflection 17: Presentation Matters

The most challenging evaluation report I’ve written consisted of 17 PowerPoint slides. The slides didn’t pull the most salient findings from a larger report; the slides were the report! 487 more words


I'm a Manager, I Manage People

Ok, stop.  I mean it.  Stop this moment.

Is a manager supposed to manage people?  NO.

You, dear manager, are supposed to focus on creating an environment that enables people to excel at their job.   320 more words

Design And Architecture

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I’m a Theory Y guy.  I may be näive in my outlook but I’m just a Theory Y guy.  I believe that most (not many) people want to do a good job wherever they are.   523 more words

Software Development

Should Employers Monitor Their Employees' Social Media Usage

Your company may be leveraging social media as part of its marketing and customer service strategy, but it’s important to remember that social media platforms are also largely, well, social. 619 more words

Organizational Learning

I'm a Manager, I Fix Problems

Well depending on what type of organization you are trying to help create, that could be a problem.

For business agility via Agile or Lean methods (remember methods are… 609 more words

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Working From Home Benefits Both Employers And Employees

One of the most steadfast fixtures of modern business may be quickly finding itself on its way out the door. Recent years have seen the daily commute and 9-to-5 workday give way to telecommuting and home offices. 559 more words

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