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How do You Plan for 'Purposeful' Social Media Collaboration?

Human Resource managers may be tempted to shape policies that ban social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in the workplace. Some corporate leaders, however, are turning on its head the idea that social platforms are detrimental to efficiency. 442 more words

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Create Engaging Employee Training Programs with Gamification

For staff training and development to be effective, it needs to be two things: efficient and engaging. Not only do managing staff want to share information with employees, they also need to impress upon workers how the knowledge is important in their daily responsibilities and keep them interested in learning more. 439 more words

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Do American Employees Work Too Much?

It is not uncommon to hear workers voice sentiments about the amount they work. Whether in seriousness or jest, however, new reports indicate that American employees aren’t exaggerating when it comes to estimating how much time they spend on the clock. 468 more words

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How Much Does That Interview Question Really Tell You?

As the economy recovers and companies vie for the most qualified applicants, hiring managers are taking interview innovation to new extremes. One of the most popular techniques is posing outlandish questions to potential hires and trying to decipher the nuances of their character from their responses. 493 more words

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Organizational Learning or Knowledge Management?

I love this talk from Dr. Edward Rogers on whether there is a difference between Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management. Basically, who cares besides the academics? 134 more words

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Powerful Potential: Mobile Learning For a Global Workforce

One thing is for certain: the mobile revolution has arrived, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Between smartphones, laptops, tablets, portable gaming devices, and other gadgets, people have become increasingly connected and are able to communicate with each other from anytime and anyplace. 777 more words

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How SenseMaking creates learning organizations by effective change programs.

The natural approach for effective change programs is full involvement of and guidance by all involved key-players. Combined with a natural learning approach this leads to effective continuous change programs and a learning organization. 400 more words