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Accountability to Students & Families

I could not be prouder of my role at BES.  I am accountable to my students as an academic leader who supports their teachers in best practice and tiered, appropriate instruction.   311 more words

The Next Frontier in Workplace Diversity: Brain Differences

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis in Fortune

Workers must learn to understand and manage their own brain differences and how and when to disclose it to colleagues and supervisors. Read more…

Brain Science

Why Some Teams Are Smarter Than Others

By Anita Woolley, Thomas W. Malone and Christopher Chabris in The New York Times

Psychologists have known for a century that individuals vary in their cognitive ability. 13 more words


Building a Rock-Solid Development Plan

Development plans are a key cog in improving employee-based business practices. Not only that, but they actually function as a retention strategy. Employees like to know where they are going and how they can grow within the company. 526 more words

Organizational Learning

The Galatea Effect: How to Cultivate Employee-Driven Development

We wrote last week about the Pygmalion and Galatea effects and their role in the workplace. Harnessing them can enable transformative changes in your organization for a relatively low investment—it could be as simple as a few well-chosen words to the right employee. 391 more words

Organizational Learning

Needs Assessment as a Learning Tool: Three Findings

Needs assessment can be used to determine what factors are causing a problem. Can it also be used to improve organizational learning? 241 more words

Organization Development

The Pygmalion-Galatea Tango: Driving Performance from Employee and Supervisor Expectations

One of the most famous people in business history, Henry Ford, once said about expectations:

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.” 461 more words

Organizational Learning