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Controlled Rape

No matter where I turn on this planet – there is a rumor.  At the same time I can turn and have no one hear my cries.  732 more words


Viennese arrest triggers economic ‘Cold War’ for US and Russia

Fearful of Russian economic sanctions, the US has decided to flex its ‘Cold War’ muscle by targeting Russians with close links to the Russian President Vladimir Putin. 463 more words


The Flaw in My Get Rich Quick Scheme

It’s not that I want to become involved in organized crime…

It’s just that the allure of millions of dishonestly earned dollars is far too great for a man of my mental stature. 235 more words

America's Pol Pot

 Copyright April 2014 by James Roger Brown. All rights reserved.

Sociologist, Intelligence Collection and Analysis Methodologist

April 16, 2014


His success was attributed to his ability to combine remarkable charm and grace with an unflinching ruthlessness. 1,423 more words