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There has been a story waiting to be told. One that never grew old. The chilling memory stayed in the memory of a little girl. She thinks she was around ten. 818 more words


Hells Bells! Organized Crime?

Church-Bell-Ringing at night is clearly illegal in Helvetia (CH) aka Switzerland. Since the entire nation suffers from it, it is nothing but a constant reminder, that… 145 more words



Fuck it…I gotta story in draft and what is the point if I am too terrified to post it. Fuck them.



Period 1 - Criminal Behavior Lesson Plan (10-21-2014)

Substitute Instructions:

Step 1 – Have students get out a piece of notebook paper. If they do not have any there is some on top of the book case in the front of the room if they need it. 262 more words

Criminal Behavior Lessons

How profitable is insider trading, anyway?

It recent years, it seems like another high-profile insider trading case finds its way into the headlines every few months or so.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara—who patrols the Southern District of New York—has made stamping out insider trading a priority. 592 more words


Why Mafia?

Book review is generally defined as an analysis based on content, style, and merit (see the Wikipedia entry). However, no matter whether it is descriptive or critical, reading (and writing) a review is like eating the ingredients of pizza separately. 1,210 more words

Amoral Familism

The Globalization of Organized Crime

James Mittelman’s “Global Organized Crime” examines the development of crime syndicates in the modern world.  Chiefly, the article’s aim is to demonstrate that the growth mechanisms of globalization are being exploited by organized crime groups.  499 more words