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Mexican drug lord known as 'The Teacher' takes to online videos and social media to taunt authorities

MEXICO CITY — Drug lords in Mexico normally try to stay out of the limelight, amassing an army to help hide them and employing plastic surgeons to alter their features. 668 more words


Rankin, Ian. Standing in Another Man’s Grave.

NY: Little, Brown, 2012.

DI John Rebus of Lothian and Borders police has been a copper for thirty-odd years — he’s the longest-serving member of the CID — but sixty is the mandatory retirement age and Rebus is now an ex-cop. 433 more words


Just when I thought I was wrong about the federal government not being able to do anything right: Obama Administration Spent Thousands On Strippers, Boxing Tickets In Failed Sting On Border Patrol Agent

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

The case against a border patrol agent gets dismissed after his lawyer claims multi-agency corruption task force entrapped his client. 731 more words

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KCS Group adds Sentinel to protect against cyber attack

Security firm KCS Group Europe continues to bolster the options it can deliver and has added Sentinel from ZoneFox to its portfolio to allow clients to monitor data interaction across their enterprise. 242 more words


Labor Unions Swindle Workers and Shakedown Employers

Labor unions are bad for workers and employers. But sometimes the good guys prevail.

The lawsuit filed by a Fresno farmworker against members of the  960 more words

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In a nutshell, unions are legal cartels that work to increase members' pay by controlling the supply of labor, removing competition. The linked article is a good example of how, over time, unions almost inevitably move from serving workers' interests to being little better than strong-arm rackets out for themselves.

this day in crime history: july 30, 1975

On this date in 1975, former (and wannabe future) teamster leader Jimmy Hoffa disappeared. Hoffa was scheduled to have a sit-down at the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield, MI with Detroit mobster Anthony “Tony Jack” Giacalone and New Jersey labor leader Anthony “Tony Pro” Provenzano. 99 more words

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Central American gangs cash in from extortion

Guatemalan crooks net $61 million annually

Contributing to the exodus from the Northern Triangle to the U.S. border, gangs and copycat criminals are shaking down Central American businessmen for hundreds of millions of dollars a year. 201 more words

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Part of the reason we're seeing this sudden influx of minors at the border.