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Central American gangs cash in from extortion

Guatemalan crooks net $61 million annually

Contributing to the exodus from the Northern Triangle to the U.S. border, gangs and copycat criminals are shaking down Central American businessmen for hundreds of millions of dollars a year. 201 more words

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Part of the reason we're seeing this sudden influx of minors at the border.

July 26th, 2014

My body lays weak 
And she's standing over me speeching
She world announces
She is the one reaching
She waits around
She runs in and out
Men wait outside the window
She's proud I've run out of tobacco
They decided to screw in my mind

The Politicans permit her presesence
And the people clock for me her attendence
The money should all be hers
A bear is crying in the woods
One day he will be extinct

I don't want him to hold me
She's breathing in and out
She making my elbow internally raw
She's talking until I'm not punching
She's holding her skin below
She's to bellow out the window
"Don't stop" - that's her skin below

And they all just want to wash her

She finds a place inside of this
And places phlegm on my tobacco gift

Now the crowd they back her
Because she always lies
And they pull out the phlegm
And stuff it in my mouth
So her saliva came become one with mine

And he's shoving in and out
She's smirking to the side
Slowly we are becoming one
A maintenance like sex

Today she's had breakfast, lunch
Airconditioned room
Her clothes are clean 
Her skin for mean
And all the passers grooms

She brings me to the media
To tell me she told them
That she is my man
And I'm no woman to them
Hacking up her phlem

Every hair on her relaxed head
Is crawling over here
It smells brown and clogs up every pore
Her brown ambition
Like new hair that grows strong
Lattaced in my reality
While thumping on the gong

She has more to say

She's prepared to go sell tickets
Dressed in stolen clothes
That settled so long ago
Other people cannot wear those
That I write a fiction
As the crowd turns up it's nose
And she will go to her next chore
That it wasn't me at all
But she's the pussy pussy, pussy pussy doll
And someone else entirely
Someone I did not pay
Someone who will come speaking
Reaching to pet this way

What title do you make it? 18 more words

The libertarian response to "If you don't like America then you can get out!"

It’s nearly impossible for a libertarian to go through their entire life without being asked the great rhetorical question, “If you don’t like it here why don’t you leave?” They can also put it as an order. 878 more words


Building The Dream

Did you know that prior to the Chicago fire many of the city’s buildings were sinking? So, to save them, the buildings were jacked up and placed on beams which, in turn, created a series of alleys and tunnels below the city. 213 more words


Bombay to Bangalore - A comparative study of the writings of Hussain Zaidi and Agni Sridhar

The movie Aa Dinagalu  came highly recommended. Saw it on a list on Reddit, and it had been coming up in conversation every now and then. 1,460 more words


Bay Cities Citizens Protest Crime

A WAX ambulance responds to the shooting.

Bay Cities, one of the longest standing metro areas, has again made the news with several stories emerging about criminal groups fighting amongst themselves. 39 more words

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Russia security briefing: The Political Outlook

The Impact of Russia’s hard line

In a number of KCS papers on the Russian economy KCS has debated as to whether there is scope for liberal (economic) reform on the horizon in Russia, or whether the country’s continued reliance on the hydrocarbons sector will result in the perpetuation of the petro-state-capitalism development model. 274 more words