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Pot playboy Jimmy Cournoyer used lawyers to deliver bribes, pay-offs and ‘implied threats’ to underlings: U.S. prosecutors

Quebec’s billion-dollar pot playboy had a cadre of high-priced lawyers in Canada and the United States working to intimidate and threaten underlings into not cooperating with authorities, U.S. 806 more words


Peer Pressure - A Mental Murder

It is very important everyone knows everything about me.  These things will not be traced.  We just need to know whatever it is you’ve on your side so we can take over your life and live in freedom in an actual way forever.  877 more words

Organized Crime

Canadian drug lord's sentence should be boosted to compensate for Canada's generous parole laws: U.S. prosecutors

A New York judge needs to impose a 30-year sentence on Quebec’s billion-dollar pot playboy because when he secures a transfer to Canada his prison time could be slashed from decades to months by Canada’s lenient parole system, U.S. 828 more words


Prince William's France

I was in France and I bought the old corner stone.  They warned me, don’t walk around in there – it might collapse on your head.  1,541 more words


Their Rebuttal

Do you know it’s important?  For years and years past, the United States kept secrets to transfer one person to another.

One person in the United States went insane and charged it’s self over and over to take over the life.  955 more words


Count The Husbands - Here's The Crime

I started a game, “let’s count the husbands” and to the handful that was around know I could no longer hold them, knew that there were others, knew that they mattered.  739 more words


Members Of 'P-K' Street Crew Charged After Racketeering Investigation

(CBS) – Five people are facing Super Class X Felony charges following a nearly year-long racketeering investigation into the alleged misdeeds of a West Side organized crime street crew, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser. 266 more words