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this day in crime history: april 10, 1936

On this date in 1936,  former union head Thomas Maloney unwittingly detonated a mail bomb that had been sent to him. The bomb was hidden inside a cigar box, and Maloney, a former union official, opened it on his kitchen table. 195 more words

True Crime

Organized Labor: The US vs Germany

This week is the 103 anniversary of the fire in New York at the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory.   One hundred forty-six workers, most of them immigrant women, were trapped in a building that wasn’t supposed to be able to burn.  605 more words

Living And Working In Germany

This is the most perfect response to labor protesters

You know when youʼre driving along and see those “Labor Dispute” banners to bring shame upon the business? Literally, the banners read “Labor Dispute. Shame on <company name>.” 219 more words

God Bless America

What's the Deal With Unions in the South?

Hello All!

Welcome to another edition of “What’s the Deal?” the blog that counsels on worker’s councils from its own consulate.

In this week’s edition, we’ll take a look at an important vote for unions at a car manufacturing  center in Tennessee from February. 2,383 more words


The USPS Can Deliver Us From Evil—Anti-Union Companies, That Is

We union-supporting liberals are faced with a major problem.  We loves us our online shopping and front door deliveries but, unfortunately, the Godzilla of online shopping—Amazon.com—like unions not one bit and hates union organizers even more.  427 more words


Online Mob Movies: Video: BIO: Vegas and the Mob: The Feds Crackdown of Organized Labor

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If todays so-called Progressives only knew how tough Bobby Kennedy was on corruption in organized labor as Attorney General of the United States, then I don’t believe he would as popular with organized labor and the far-left community as he is today.   155 more words


Means to Ends

Fortunately anger hasn’t been a main feature of my depression.  At least not since I have decided to face it and fight.  However, I got angry today about a recurrent train of thought. 597 more words