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Day sixty-three – 100 Happy Days

Accomplished organizing again our stuff in our room while listening on a radio. Dad also did some cleaning in his room. 19 more words

An organized pile of words

Compost heaps are not the only thing rotting, fomenting and relenting nothing. My brain chews on the mystical despite the warnings against doing so. Action does speak louder than words only if you can get the words out of the way to do something. 180 more words


Organization Week: Find, Re-Purpose and Make The Perfect Bin

“… I pulled out box after box, setting them haphazardly around the room. My organization lacked something — like, say, organization …” – Rachael Mead…

645 more words
Sane & Satisfied

Interview with Melissa Gira Grant on Sex Work

Excellent Vice interview with journalist Melissa Gira Grant on sex work with a powerful historicized and politicized contemporary analysis. She challenges myths around sex work, critiques binary perspectives on women’s sexuality, and argues that sex work is work. 83 more words


25 Hours, 366 Days

Yes, I’m still alive. I know I haven’t posted in a couple weeks. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to…

So, I’ve been working hard on a kids television show called “Max and Wrigley.” I am extremely excited to be a part of this amazing production team and cannot wait to see the finished pilot in June. 388 more words

Who I Am

Organizing jewelry

Have you ever had the problem that you put all your jewels or make-up into one box and could not find that bracelet, ring or neckless you want to wear or that make-up you want to use? 31 more words