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My Illusive G-Spot

I think I’ve made it pretty clear in my earlier posts that my sexual experience prior to meeting Master was very vanilla – even less than vanilla. 172 more words


Breakfast in Bed with a Side of Orgasm

It’s Spring/Easter break around here so the public schools are off for the week. What that means is, cagedmonkey and I decided to find the kids a day camp to attend for a few days so we could spend time alone together at home. 678 more words

Male Chastity

Just For Laughs: Man Jailed for Being Too Good in Bed

A judge in northern Italy has sentenced a man to 6 months behind bars for making his girlfriend scream in pleasure every time they had sex. 226 more words


how did you know
just the place to touch me
hardening with my moans
sucking at my lips
as though i was the
last source of your oxygen?


Monday February 17 AM.

 I awoke hard and early, like always, and looked to see 5:38 burning bright red on the clock near my head.  The sexy Italian was sleeping soundly next to me, dark hair spilled across white sheets like some abstract art.  1,538 more words

A change of plans

On the train to London we were all able to sit close to each other. We enjoyed a pleasant journey teasing Tamara and Sofia about their performance the evening before in the fashion show. 1,577 more words