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Vibrators are where my batteries go to die

I’m not going to lie; this specific thought is the reason that I finally started a blog. Its true though isn’t it? Those of you that have a vibrator and are constantly horny like me know exactly what I’m talking about. 302 more words


7 Health Reasons to Have More Sex

If you really need an excuse (or several) to heat things up in the bedroom, we’ve got you covered: Besides the obvious reasons one might have sex—love, pleasure, baby-making—science shows that there are quite a few health benefits to getting intimate. 800 more words


Hot Young Client .. oh yeah things are looking goooood.

Oh man, is Fate being good to me, or what.

First of all, booking requests pouring in by the hour, literally.  But most of all, the clients I’m getting have all been fabulous so far. 2,724 more words

How fast your heart beats during orgasm.

My boyfriend is a paramedic/firefighter, an amazing one at that. He loves learning about medical knowledge, especially anything do to with the heart. I had done an experiment on myself using his stethoscope, I listened to how fast my heart beat while I was having an orgasm. 63 more words

Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer

Mr. Zesty Is My Fluffer: Is It Getting Hot In Here?

Mr. Zesty makes me want to eat lick salad dressing off his body!

It’s about fricking time!! 333 more words

Captain Amazing


I haven’t got round to posting in a week and it has been a fairly busy one.

Flat offering, anal sex, multiple orgasms, good work week… 443 more words

Would you like to see the rest of the house?

I’ve been pushing back the meeting with The Beast for a while now. I guess it’s because he’s not particularly my type. He uses “u” and other annoying short hands in text. 605 more words