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So I haven’t had sex since March 2014.

I realized that being with random dudes that had no interest in me as a person was no longer serving me.   335 more words


"Letter from Jack the Ripper"

“Hi Bob. Things are going pretty good for me. I have found a new passion. You remember I always liked knives when we were kids. Well, my interest in them has sparked up again. 215 more words


My Super Sensory Orgasm Inducing Feet #footfetish #nablopomo

I like being barefoot. I always have. I love the feel of my feet on tile, slate, cold marble and polished wood. Even rough wood—just no splinters of course. 353 more words


Emotional Bliss

Sleeping soundly I feel your hand creeping, lightly grazing my skin with your fingernails. My body responds instantly as my backside brushes against your hardness. My lips curve upwards as I feel you want me. 1,078 more words


The Realization.

Dear You,

So you are going to laugh at me. It’s just after 3 in the morning and with what just happened I’m sitting here giggling to myself and all I want to do is tell you. 495 more words


Late Night Confession: The BIG "O"

I just experienced one of the best orgasms ever. Afterwards, I ate a cake pop and now I’m on here typing away on my blog. 173 more words