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Has the love been lost from sex now, has it been squeezed out of physical relationships.

I love my wife, I enjoy her company, I like being with her, I have the feelings of affection and empathy to support her as I’ve had from the beginning. 294 more words

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“I read Emily Bronte at age six and enjoyed the angsty poetry a lot more than the rhyming stuff we had at school. I still have a really old book (with a dinosaur on front) of poems I wrote when I was about six, seven, or eight that are all about really depressing things I hadn’t actually experienced. 487 more words

The Fertile Male Part 1: Correlation between sperm production and attractiveness

There is a big diff between the nofap protocol and just iunno, being high l-tyrosine

For one, nofap is almost sleep/diet and workout independent.
It’s like it taps into this innate drive. 969 more words

Achieving Goals

På klubbkvällen bubblar det i blodet, man är kåt.


Jag och min älskade hade fått i uppgift att vara det extra värdpar, som klubben brukar ha till hjälp.

Vad gör ett sånt då? 1,062 more words

Love & Orgasms (quote)

“Everybody loves you when they are about to cum.”

attributed to Madonna


Orgasm problems for women

When you say “Don’t stop” but he still changes what he’s doing. I said, “Don’t stop,” which literally means do exactly what you’re doing!

When you have to casually shift your body so he’s in the right spot. 400 more words