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Sex That Ends When the Guy Orgasms

Disclaimer: I can only speak from a heterosexual female point of view and from rather limited experience (but lots of reading about it).

Chances are, you know what I’m talking about (unless you’ve had awesome male partners or are gay). 331 more words

Women Stuff

I Work SO Hard for that G-Spot O

As a woman, do you get frustrated to the fact that your man can orgasm in four minutes flat and you are lucky if you do at all? 186 more words


The Queef


Definition: an expulsion of wind from the vulva during coitus; a vaginal fart.

Probably one of the most embarrassing things that happens during or after sex. 103 more words


Last Friday Night....

I typed this so I could post it when we got the whole log in mess sorted out. :)



So I’m sick. I’ve somehow managed to get the flu or some shit so I’ve been trying to relax and drink lots of fluids and sleep. 871 more words

12 Sex Myths That Are Completely Made Up rebloged from lifehack

12 Sex Myths That Are Completely Made Up – http://pulse.me/s/1V6ZSQ

So only 99% of aren’t bothered by size, when actually surveyed and 68% aren’t bothered by width, followed by 79% where length isn’t an issue either. 67 more words

Getting Organised

OM and Parents = Orgasm

It’s now end of July. Almost two months ago I received an email from my Mum saying, amongst other things, that she loves me, and she’ll miss me but we won’t be hearing from each other much in the future, because she’s so confronted by my life style and everything I do around OM. 284 more words

Private Words

Did you really,

oh my God it was,

oh so jealous,

is it that …

conversation in a cafe

out of earshot, so they thought… 89 more words