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Moving day (part 4)

* The last time Shayari was around Gurtash, certain…questionable artistic liberties were taken.


Moving day (part 3)

* Mokvar’s trouble began before he first came to Orgrimmar, during a time when he was part of a mercenary group. ┬áHe discussed his past… 41 more words


Moving day (part 2)

* Ever since she first met Garrosh in person, Taktani has had trouble letting go of the misperception that saying someone’s name twice is a Pandaren custom.


Overlooking Orgrimmar

as always, click for a larger, more detailed image.


Extra Loot

This all started from me pondering exactly how we “spend” extra loot coins and where exactly they go… I over think meta concepts a bit, but at least hilarity ensues.

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