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Arabic cookies


This is my first post ever! I am so excited :)

So for the first recipe I have chosen easy and quick Arabic cookies. I really like taste of cardamom: fresh, a little bit ground one with strong smell. 282 more words


More on that wedding

The beginning of this blog is a post about a wedding with a great deal of pomp and circumstance. It was held at the Oriental Hotel and I was among the guests. 48 more words


Carrot, ginger and roast pepper rice

After buying a 1.5kg bag of carrots for 85p I was in for a serious carrot fest! This week I’ve been making soups and sauces, carrot cake oatmeal, as well as this wonderful dish. 301 more words

Kokeshi doll

The origins of the traditional Kokeshi date back 400 years ago in the North-east of Japan, precisely in a territory called Tohoku.

They were little dolls made of wood and sold as a souvenir, during the Winter,  to the tourists who visited the area. 36 more words

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The RAC at home beat the combined East India and Oriental team 4.5 – 1.5 in the Hamilton Russell Cup.

Match card below including the extra friendly board (RAC players listed first): 39 more words


Daruma doll

The Daruma doll represents Bodhidharma, founder and first patriarch of Zen. The most common colour of this doll is red because red was the cloak that the patriarch wore. 53 more words

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