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Who Knew? Chopsticks Rules!

Hi Bloggers!

Something crossed my mind last night. The staple of any meal in the Orient and the main difference to us is the use of chopsticks rather than cutlery. 367 more words


Oriental Pesto Rosso, my new Hand-Held Blender & little Pre-Easter Tombola - Orientalisches Pesto rosso, mein neuer Stabmixer & eine kleine Vor-Oster-Verlosung

There are three things that have inspired this post: my new pesto twist, my new most beloved household appliance, and a tombola that I initially wanted to do before Christmas. 1,451 more words


A Warm Welcome

I arrived home a day before my mother and sister flew off to the Alps, without me, for a week of skiing. As a result, there was/still is no food in the fridge. 94 more words


Orientalism Is Not Kawaii

What would Coachella be without music, drugs, alcohol, and a little bit of cultural appropriation? Coachella might be a music festival, but it’s also a place where rich kids and celebrities can dress up like hippies for a weekend. 601 more words

Chinese Garden Stools For Interiors With An Oriental Charm

The last few decades have seen a the gap between western and oriental design styles narrow down to a point where many elements of each culture have been accepted as integral parts of a global style. 16 more words

Oriental Treehouse

A very small Oriental treehouse in a garden, maybe built for a God or something like this.



To all my lovely readers, I am extremely sorry for my lack of activity here lately. I’ve been extremely caught up in academics for the past few months. 122 more words