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Get In Touch With Your Intuition

We as humans were born with an ability we too often disregard as useless in these times. It is a powerful intelligence that goes far beyond the brain and rational thought. 494 more words


Slow like mountains, quick like rain

Rising slowly like mountains, passed over quickly like rain…

But the mountains endure, and wait for the next rainfall, and the next, and the next… 65 more words


Children, sexuality & learning...I guess

Some blog that I just subscribed to’s comment section just now. People. Talking about stuff. Things kids are taught, or not taught. Tired. Good night: 384 more words


To sleep under the stars in summer…

‘I like those times most of all’ Early went on, after another lull of fire-gazing. ‘When the Lord and me travel on beasts, through the empty Zone. 127 more words


What Is "Gay"?

Several months ago, I got into a discussion with Wes Hill and Matt Anderson about Wes’s post, Is Being Gay Sanctifiable? At the time, I drafted a post in response to that conversation, but did not have time to polish it for publication. 5,217 more words



Message from the book “Day after Day with Swami Dayananda”

The words of the śāstra create a mind that is fulfilled, resolved, the opposite of a mind in pursuit of rāga-dveṣas. 160 more words

Day After Day With Swami Dayananda