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Quest Crowds

The year has officially begun and the growth of our community is immediately apparent when you come onto campus. With more than 200 incoming students (and another 200 last year), we have finally (and ahead of schedule) reached our capacity. 317 more words

Student Life

Cook Out and Orientation

(Apologies again for before, with the tumblr thing. Here are all the pictures from that post + all of the group shots. Clicking each image leads to it in full resolution) 6 more words


Sleep is the best thing ever. Don't try to argue with me. You will lose.

The wait is over! I’ve landed in Ireland and hit the ground running. Our plane arrived at around 5 am, and then we had about three hours to get settled before orientation. 530 more words


[M.M.X.I.V. 261] Late games

Ten minutes on the clock.  GO.

This is somewhat of a continuation of the post that I wrote this weekend.  In that one, I was in some sense ruing the kick-off time for the (American) football game that Nebraska had at Fresno State, where the start time was 21:30 in Chicago time.   416 more words


The Orientation

There is the in-person, group and the phone screening. Every organization has their own method and you have to figure out what the best method is for the culture of your organization. 304 more words


Flashing the cash + orientation

I’ve been here for nearly a week now and have made a mental list of things I don’t understand: 398 more words


水族館、チキンの軟骨・Aquarium and Chicken Cartilage...





Did you know they eat just straight up cartilage in Japan? Like you know when you eat chicken and you like, don’t eat the cartilage? 137 more words