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Was early Earth a good place to create the building blocks of life?

Biochemist Dr. Fazale Rana of Reasons to Believe offers some evidence.


Today, the Miller-Urey experiment is considered to be irrelevant to the origin-of-life question. Current understanding of the composition of early Earth’s atmosphere differs significantly from the gas mix used by Miller.

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Speculations on self-organized criticality, complexity, evolution and intelligence

First, complex systems can be defined as systems not easily understood. Also, the mathematics of complex systems is almost failing or is itself extremely complex. In other words, the compression undertaken by the process of intelligence does not quite want to succeed. 1,514 more words

30 Cubed - The Chemist

A dog lay on the porch just out of the hot, afternoon sun. The casual observer would think that he was sound asleep. Odd, on a sunny afternoon like today. 718 more words

30 Cubed Challenge