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Lightning in a Bottle - Chapter One

In Which He Has An Interesting Time

I groaned with irritation as my eyes blinked open. The memory rolled about, teetering at the front of my mind, rudely refusing to depart. 2,985 more words

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It was a uhaul moving truck.  Two year old me was sitting in the driver’s seat.  We were moving from London to Mitchell.  My parents have an old picture of me sitting in that truck.   1,315 more words

Origin Stories

Come along now, we've SCIENCE to do!

“The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.”

-Isaac Asimov

It has been less than a decade since Albert Michelson and Edward Morley performed their faithful experiment, proving once and for all the existence of the lumniferous aether, an omnipresent substance that seems to be at the very fabric of reality.  799 more words

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Lightning in a Bottle - Prologue

Lightning crashed. The chamber in which I stood found itself dominated by a massive metal hulk, pipes and vents running to and fro, all hissing and shaking with unbearable strain. 1,757 more words

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TBT: "Straddling Like a Cubano": The Construction of Co-citizenship, Origin Stories, and Discourses in a Bilingual, Bicultural, Biliterate Individual's Own Words - UMass Boston, Fall 2011


In Apling 635, we’ve reviewed educational philosophy and methodological practices which refer to the learner as a participant in the process who needs reinforcement, support, and the means of self-empowerment needed to help him/her build social agency.  4,171 more words

Our Cast of Characters

It is about time we were introduced to the actors upon the stage, backlit with lightning and shaded by smog. These are the men and women who have fallen headfirst into an interlocking mesh of conspiracies and Machiavellian plots within the Ironworks, several of the most vital cogs to the great machine. 515 more words