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Vanilla Origin Story

Did you know that vanilla is the bean of a vining orchid? It is! And it needs trees to grow on which makes it a fabulous crop for preventing deforestation. 163 more words


'Doctor Strange' Will Avoid The One Complaint Most People Have About Marvel Movies

Marvel movies have a fairly typical formula: The origin story is the first movie, to get that out of the way for the people who just can’t accept “This person can do amazing things” without knowing why, also known as the “Filmgoers Are Stupid” principle in Hollywood. 252 more words


Writing A Superhero Origin Story

How did your character get to their state of being an awesome, complex hero, who spends their days fighting off evil? Or being a villain… 594 more words

All About Comics

Origin Stories and Jacob at the Jabbok

Sermon from August 10, 2014. Based on Genesis 32:22-31. Come see us for our 140th Anniversary Celebration next Sunday! Join us at church at 11:00 with lunch to follow in in order to celebrate 140 years of Christian Witness in San Saba County! 1,921 more words

In the beginning…

The origin story called “the big bang” is clearly marked by modern science’s metaphysical inheritance.

Two stories

I’m in two minds about a major character’s origin story. I’m wanting to write one, but it looks like I might be writing two. Sort of. 178 more words

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Sylvita: Origins

So this week, there’s no Veg*n Review, instead, I thought I’d take a note from my sis and do a little intro.

I’m Sylvia, I’m the younger sister, I work in a museum, and I don’t really have a stablized family life like Pati. 618 more words