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A year ago. 2/7.


Less than 24 hours in. Mixed results, which I can sum up in 15 seconds of wobbly song and a series of swings and misses: 264 more words


A year ago. 1/7.


I’ve been waiting by the phone for two days. Yesterday was detox day, spent in bed with ginger ale and crackers, alternately reliving and doubting Friday night’s grossly intoxicated PG-13 misadventure against a storefront on Hargett St. 204 more words


Who Invented Roadside Arm-Waving Air Dancers?

Where did the inflatable dancing man come from? You know what we mean: the tall fabric puppets that you attach to a fan and let loose to dance in the air, capturing the attention of people passing by. 200 more words

Taking It Seriously

Origin Stories

I am awake in the wee hours again attempting to manage a migraine so I thought I might write something instead of just sitting here looking at People.com while I wait for my migraine medication to kick in.   1,943 more words


Hugh Jackman's Gang Of Evil Clowns Kidnap WWII Orphans In The Trailer For WB's Gritty Peter Pan Reboot

If a gritty Peter Pan reboot from the director of Atonement is something you never wanted, sidle up, friend, and I’ll order us a rye with two straws. 314 more words

Film Drunk

Lightning in a Bottle - Chapter One

In Which He Has An Interesting Time

I groaned with irritation as my eyes blinked open. The memory rolled about, teetering at the front of my mind, rudely refusing to depart. 2,985 more words

Ironclad Gaming

I Am What I Am

I’ve been gender-nonconforming for as long as I can remember… actually longer. When my mom was pregnant with me, she was convinced she was having a boy, and spent nine months addressing me as “David.” She was flabbergasted when she delivered me (remember, this was in the days before ultrasounds) and discovered I was a girl. 1,585 more words