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Wayback Wednesday III

I was literally not going to write one today, I just wasn’t really feeling it. Today’s my anniversary actually. Ok, no it isn’t. I have not idea why I even came up with that… Ya, uh, things are starting to get weird. 289 more words

Origin Stories

Chapter 2: It's Just Us In Here [Tall]

I’m going to (try to) finish this “mini-series” thing by the end of January so expect to see the next three parts in the relatively-near future. 430 more words

Origin Stories

Service is More Than a Requirement

Honestly I am a person who does not like working if it is not required. At first, service just meant a mandatory mission in my high school which made me feel bored and cheesed. 267 more words

Origin Stories

The Story Of This Book

To be totally honest, I wrote this book because I wanted to practice writing sex scenes. After I finished my first and second books (Three Alarm Tenant and Spark of Desire) I decided I needed practice writing sex scenes. 363 more words

Drawn To The Rhythm

Origin of Gods or Science?

I have spent a long time thinking about origin stories. The Abrahamic faiths have a few, the Easter traditions have many, but really there are so many origin stories to think about when it comes to paganism because there are so many different paths to work with, and for an eclectic pagan such as myself this can be a difficult task to say the least. 548 more words


4th Week of Advent: Origin Stories and Familiar Songs

When I went to Mass today, the priest’s homily talked about the origin stories of superheroes in relation to today’s Gospel. He noted that no matter how often superhero movies come out, they always start out by telling the origin story of the hero even though most people in the audience already know it. 345 more words


The Awkward Jordan [Venti]

Of the people people I’ve known since the beginning of high school, I’m still friends* with about 2 dozen of them. Narrow it down to those I’ve known since elementary school and still interact with every once in a while and the number I’m left with isn’t even worth mentioning. 882 more words

Origin Stories