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Origin Stories: My Desk

I sold my desk today for $20 on Kijiji.  That desk was one of the more permanent parts of my life.  I’ve had it since mid August 2007, which is a little over 7 years….that’s a little more than a quarter of my life, and I think it may be one of the longer lasting pieces of personal furniture that I’ve had. 1,012 more words

Origin Stories

Tom Hiddleston Is Set To Star In A 'King Kong Origin Story'

The hot news fresh off the wires is that Tom Hiddleston, aka Loki, aka the British Lee Pace, is set to star in an origin story for King Kong, one of the most royalty-free of all iconic movie monsters. 269 more words

Film Drunk

M-Blog is born

Non-translators, it seems, are forever fascinated by this notion of the untranslatable word. There are web sites dedicated to listing words that just won’t cross linguistic or cultural boundaries. 338 more words

Of Pilgrims, Fear Brewster, and Origins

One of the many amazing things about my current place of employment is their commitment to diversity. I attended a Trans/Ally workshop two weeks ago that was a series of several the college put on for all of us to attend over the summer break. 1,250 more words


Vanilla Origin Story

Did you know that vanilla is the bean of a vining orchid? It is! And it needs trees to grow on which makes it a fabulous crop for preventing deforestation. 163 more words


'Doctor Strange' Will Avoid The One Complaint Most People Have About Marvel Movies

Marvel movies have a fairly typical formula: The origin story is the first movie, to get that out of the way for the people who just can’t accept “This person can do amazing things” without knowing why, also known as the “Filmgoers Are Stupid” principle in Hollywood. 252 more words


Writing A Superhero Origin Story

How did your character get to their state of being an awesome, complex hero, who spends their days fighting off evil? Or being a villain… 594 more words