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Story: The Chat

A big moment in the boys life, when Trehearne was 18 and Quillain 15 and Lord Jeremiah has a chat with Trehearne about his behavior.  2,863 more words


The Shifty Makings of an Almost Superheroine aka: The Origin Story.

Once upon a time a woman and an Aquaman fell in love and when two people love each other very very much….

I was three when I first started noticing something was funky with me, something off about the way I responded to the world and in how the world responded back. 968 more words


Daisy Chains Luncheon: Remember and Connect

Twenty years ago this coming July 4, Jorenda Thornton and her late husband Kevin got the news no parent wants to get. Their oldest son Brent, out with friends getting fireworks, was killed when a drunk driver crashed into their vehicle. 474 more words

Bereaved Mothers

hero’s journey vs villain’s journey

The hero’s journey and the villain’s journey can surprisingly be very similar although there are differences within the similarities….

Some Heroes and Villains have very precise CODES. 717 more words

How The Re-Return Got Its Name

So, we were talking about the finale one day:


Ted spends a lot of time getting over Robin, not just in the floaty part. 119 more words


Quil Story: First Encounter

Each time Quil tells a tale relating to the first time he and Trehearne met, it will be extracted from the RP and added here. 751 more words


A Mutant from Planet Cripton, An Origin

In 1974, a baby arrived in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana from the planet Cripton. She looked like the offspring of two Chinese immigrants, Ma and Pa Wong, but something was different. 880 more words