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If I had one week left...

I would finally start that blog I’ve been meaning to.

I’d name it something that you could sit there and think about, even though in the end it’s fairly empty and not worthy of such time. 289 more words


The Sacrificial Platypus

Did you know that there are around five hundred references to lamb or sheep in the Bible, mostly in regards to sacrifice? How did sheep become the favorite sacrificial animal of all time? 1,004 more words

Brothers Grimm - Rapunzel Origin Story

So you’ve watched Tangled and loved it. Disney sure knows what they’re doing and were true to the origins…. or not! Here’s what actually happened in the original Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm!

Brothers Grimm

Storming Baltimore Comic-Con

Hey World! Storm the Moon is coming to Baltimore Comic-Con this September 5th-7th at the Baltimore Convention Center. I can’t even being to explain how excited I am at this opportunity to showcase the awesome work from our incredible creators, artists, and friends. 443 more words

RockitShip's Blog

Origin of a Game

The sky was a haze of orange and purple, gauze laid over a once blue field. A woman, bare but for her multitude of tattoos, tapped a wood chip against the prickly grass. 1,194 more words


Origin Story

Back in high school I took a career test. I filled out a hundred little bubbles on one of those multiple-choice questionnaires assessing strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes in order to determine the top five careers in which I’d be most likely to succeed and find satisfaction. 599 more words


How I Started Writing a Blog About Nothing

I started reading my first David Sedaris book this week. I had been told for years of how wonderful an author he was and lines like “I love your writing voice! 477 more words

Starving Artist