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The XX Factor

My first official writing job on a TV series was brought to me by the letter ‘X’. Specifically, the letter ‘X’ without the letter ‘Y’. 917 more words

Welcome to adulthood. There are apples here. Also, bills.

Skipping over some unpleasantness after graduation including burst pipes and losing my job and a bunch of other stuff I landed in Boston in February 2011.   416 more words

Origin Story

And then I moved to Maine

In between central California and moving to Bar Harbor, Maine to finish out college there was a year in DC.  It was mostly terrible and nothing much of note happened there.   567 more words

Origin Story

Meadows and Awe

I hated (HATED) my first year of undergrad.  It was a brand new school in the middle of nowhere.  Literally, we were the first class entering the University of California in Merced and next to us was a mostly-broken water feature and some cows.   352 more words

Origin Story


In between speaking with the only righteous human left and preparing to do away with the rest, He gathered the three of us up, at the very top of the mountain where Noah would eventually land his ark. 1,884 more words

Short Stories

Origin story

In sixth grade we had the opportunity to go to sixth grade science camp and learn about nature in a hands-on way and, for some reason, I’d been thinking about this for years. 529 more words

Origin Story