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Hugh Jackman Is Barely Recognizable As Blackbeard In The First Pictures From 'Pan'

Here's what Hugh Jackman looks like as evil pirate Blackbeard in Pan pic.twitter.com/J6mu9G7hf3

— Digital Spy (@digitalspyfilm) November 24, 2014

Hollywood proves that it still loves a gritty reimagination of a classic fairy tale with the title shortened to make it sound tougher in…

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Reality Checks In

The flash fiction challenge this week from Chuck Wendig over at terribleminds.com was to write a superhero story and roll for a sub-genre. I got Cyberpunk and created the following superhero origin story: 1,080 more words

Flash Fiction

Green Flame, the Legend of the Realm

I wasn’t always a superhero…or villain…I’m not really decided yet what I am. All I know is that I wasn’t always what you would call super. 1,156 more words


They came, they saw, they destroyed.

Isn’t that the origin story for most ‘heroes’ though? Everything and everyone torn away from their status quo and they were forced to take a stand–become more than who they were. 31 more words

Origin Story

NOC Origin: If I Had a Horcrux, it'd Probably be My Terminator Boxset

So my version of a nerd is a person who passionately and purposefully seeks out the way- more-than-necessary knowledge about a strangely specific subject1… 1,140 more words


Origin Story 2

I didn’t think I was going to die. It’s possible some of my family members did. It wasn’t that serious. It was just new, and never fully explained, and out of character for me to be incapacitated. 379 more words

New origin story for Dr Doom revealed

Toby Kebbell has been talking with Collider about his upcoming role as Dr. Doom in the planned reboot of The Fantastic Four franchise, and he’s revealed a drastically different origin story for the character. 218 more words