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Papier Mache Art and Recovery: An Update on Thanksgiving 2014

I wrote some or most of this in 2009 but I want to rewrite and update it..

Art, capital A, saved my life. It did more than that. 2,663 more words


Happy Thanksgiving from Mighty Jabba's Collection!

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, I thought I would share this picture that my son drew of Jabba and Salacious Crumb in pilgrim hats. 28 more words

Original Art


Brooklyn. From a few years back. Pen, Color Pencils, Markers.

Copyright: Liz Belilovskaya 

Liz Belilovskaya

Coming soon (iA)

Planning for new blog site (simplyzuhra & more…) underway iA.

#excited #soGrateful :’) #aA



Rabbit had a vicious smile and a spine-tingling laugh. When he wasn’t laughing or smiling he appeared mild and sweet. If you met Rabbit on the street you might think he was a common pet until he smiled and then you’d know he was a serial killer. 874 more words

Speculative Fiction

Capturing the Great British Countryside by Allan Morgan

Allan Morgan is well known for his landscape paintings that depict a stunning array of colour, contrast and personification of the weather and landscape. His work can be perceived as the glimmer of hope through a chaotic storm, or an imposing fury overpowering over our tiny world. 193 more words

Original Art