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The list of literary superhero novels is a short one. Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman and The Midlife Crisis of Commander Invincible… 501 more words

Original Characters

Tide's View

After working for two days on my major project, I wanted something a little more cutesy and fun. It took me about two hours (kinda shows sadly) but here’s a mermaid. Tah-dah!


Sampler Part 2

Okay, I think I might have bit off more than I can chew. So here’s part two of the new character and picture I’ve been working on lately. 52 more words


Esile (original character)

Esile is an original character made by Miir that was debuted at Desucon: Cosplay & Japan in 2013

Costume by Miir and Wee

Cosplayed by Miir

Photography by Desucon


Thrashing Therapy

On Anime Asylum, Stain gets the Foot to Face treatment and there might be some fist to skull action. Check out the thrashing therapy at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum

Character Teaser

Okay I don’t have a finished picture today – and I was doing so good this week – either way I have been working on a new picture and I have provided a sampler teaser thing. 53 more words


Maid Aline - Sketch

I drew something! And I’m actually pleased with it even though there is a lot I still need to tweak.