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Battle Cry

Okay so I worked on this today, and actually, I am pretty damn proud at how well she turned out. The only complaint I have is the foreshortening of the lifted left. 29 more words


Chapter 7

Chapter 6 | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“Is she okay?” Quin asks, nodding at Fey. He’d hardly had time to tell them he was their third partner before class started.

729 more words

Skull and Feather Vector

So I designed this skull and feather idea. I wasn’t sure what media to use for it, originally I used colic markers, so I tried to make it a vector. 53 more words


Lovestruck dumb

A romantic run-in leads to trouble, what sort of messed up thing happens at http://some-stories.com/anime-asylum today?

Q and Zeze Dress Up Special

I saw a “dress up your OC” meme the other so I decided to give it a try xD this is only the first page of two pages. 57 more words