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Jane Doe

8/2014-This is the first part of the story Lost and Found.  The events in the story may not make much sense at this time, because this takes place after the events of Broken SHIELD, which I haven’t shared much of as of yet.  1,514 more words

Marvel Fan Fiction

Chapter 12

Chapter 11 | | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“How does it work?” Nikolai asks. His panic is sudden on the walk to the door of the first house they’re going to.

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Beautiful People

“Beautiful people should just do beautiful things.”

I curled myself up under my freezing blanket as I played it out inside my head. Those colorful visions of the things I would never see with my own two eyes again. 262 more words


Chapter 11

Chapter 10 | Table of Contents | [read on Tumblr]

“Mon ami, do you know any other people?”

Paramesh still hasn’t quite gotten used to Nikolai, with his occasional French endearments and theatrical gestures.

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Well then

Well this week end came and went, I didn’t get to do much at all. Well I did just start a new job and it’s in the early morning. 30 more words

Original Characters


This little gal is Brielle. She was today’s project. i love how she turned out! I’m not thrilled just yet with the outfit itself so that might change down the road. 65 more words