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This art which we’ve cultivated
has taken on a certain asymmetry,
an unevenness between
the expected effects and the reality.
In other words, it’s disorder, 113 more words

Content marketing is all the rage, but is it linked enough to business goals?

I’d classify myself as in the “content marketing” space, although it can vary on a day-to-day basis (as can any job). I try to read stuff about it whenever I can, and I came across this post on ClickZ that was interesting, … 595 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Just Listen for Once

I’ve explained already how I’m sick
of the weather, how muggy it’s been,
but I don’t think that you were paying
any attention. Face it, 83 more words

KiddieKidToonzTV a show created by James Creative Arts & Entertainment Company

Enjoy this first episode of KiddieKidToonzTV, with more shows on the way. Enjoy. Where kids learn to have fun and enjoy life.


Dark Tales Book - NOW AVAILABLE

A little while ago, Vincent V. Cava and a few Reddit authors from /r/ShortScaryStories/r/NoSleep, and/r/DarkTales came together to create this anthology for a good cause,  190 more words


Little Princeling

Where are your gods now, little princeling?
Where are your knights?
Where are your guardians?
Where is your Queen and King?
Where is your kingdom, little princeling? 58 more words