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In the Clinch Again (A Pantoum)

So what? I’m in the clinch again,
underneath a thick blanket of dust,
braced against swarms of wind
with color in my smile.

Underneath a thick blanket of dust… 132 more words


Everyday I am soaking it all in
The people, the sounds, the words

Inspiration is everywhere
Like little singing birds

Sometimes dull, sometimes weak
But it’s never all completely black… 62 more words

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There's Still Work To Be Done

Things have changed
Nothing is quite the same

Your life has been turned on its head
Where you thought you were going
Is no longer where you’ve been… 52 more words

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PSA: Kickstarter – The Regret of Vitrerran

It’s time to plug a Kickstarter I think looks especially cool! This game is called ‘The Regret of Viterran‘, and is described as: “a real-time card game with RPG elements and a character-driven story.” It’s being developed by  172 more words

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The Cure - Book Teaser #3

Alex thought last week was an insanely busy week, but it seemed he needed to re-evaluate his definition of insane.  He could not remember the last time there was a line at the counter so long that lasted all day;  and it seemed longer today than yesterday.  1,258 more words



There’s a subtle beauty
In the way she rests


But just below the surface she’s hurting

Crying out for help
A hand to hold… 73 more words

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She lies there

Seemingly lifeless

But beneath the somber sleep

A mind races

To fill in the spaces

That which a horrid lover created

She is not daunted by the challenge… 82 more words

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