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The Dysfunctional State of Rape-Prevention Discourse


By Andreas Kuersten

“Victim blamer”: A term used by rape reform and women’s rights advocates to refer to those seeking to place any amount of blame for rape and other sexual crimes on victims. 918 more words


The Apocalypse Index

Ashes of dead celebrities.
Post-apocalyptic hangover.
Molecular overture.
Discourse on discord.

America is a four-letter word.

Homegrown riots.
Debauched debutante
storming the carrion ball.
A series of broken antennae. 40 more words


Three Reasons Why Visionary Leaders Succeed

By Patricia Bravo, MBA

It’s almost the end of the day, you barely had time to grab lunch and you’re culling through your email looking for urgent items to address. 200 more words

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Vantage Point

Truth, as a whole, is broken.
We merely subsist
on the fragments.

-r. miller


Meet My Concert Assistant

So, let me introduce you to my little helper: BandsInTown.

Being new in San Diego I wanted a smart way to find out what bands and artists was performing in the area. 238 more words

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Your EDM Weekend

Are you in San Diego and itching to get on that dance floor this weekend? Looking for a fist pumping, glow stick throwing, heavy bass thumping event? 224 more words

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News from The Foos

It’s been three years since the last time we heard from Dave Grohl & co. Back then, it was with their album Wasting Light, which I liked a lot. 270 more words

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