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The Father of the Vagabond

Dog Tags


The skies of grey are an overwhelming flurry

Rustic bandages hold together the clouds

Nuclear-felt wraps around him like a cobra

Wounds fresh from the crash, heart on a tightrope…

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Laissez Faire’s The Lazy Repair

(Where’s the party?)

So get it straight- red and blue skid the scene

Boycott riot version pain-is-life point zero

Led by punk rollers by day…

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B-B-B-B-Benzedrine! My, my my Benzedrine!

A Side Effect Of The Plague’s Fever


God is a dog in a mirror

The role reversal makes us the bitch

Bastard sons of a burned out vengeance…

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The Musings on Purgatory's Bench

The Musings on Purgatory’s Bench


All stars, every star

Only rusted colors recall their knowledge

Watchmen sent from above

Golden constellations kept me as I was…

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“At Church” Song

I was listening to 60s on 6 on XM radio the other day and one of my favorite classics came on: “Downtown” by Petula Clark. Some new words started coming into my mind. 365 more words

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It is late, and I have school tomorrow morning. The stress of senior year is finally mounting, and I feel I am handling it relatively well. 1,242 more words

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“Where We Are”

TS Anthem Lyrical Content

*If needed as of yet.

Verse #1 – 0:00-0:48

With every move set in place the world’s scene dances on…

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