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Happy Birthday Mona :D

For my good friend Mona. To the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!
Recording to come soon ;)

Sassy, sarcastic and kind of dramatic
Fake it n’ make it, charisma fantastic… 109 more words

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On my first day in the office, I meet a lady
She asks me to sit down, then rambles on her phone
I wait for someone to call me, goin’ a little crazy… 175 more words

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Nacht's Lullaby

The moon cradles the sunset
“My child, it’s time to say goodbye”
An owl watches the sunlight
Fade into red, black, with new eyes

Silver showers the clearing… 105 more words

Object Writing

Two girls, a prelude

There once was a girl named Lhyxthia
Whose hair was bleak and white
There once was a girl named Gharriah
Whose eyes were blind of sight… 53 more words

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Finally free

Voices pounding inside your skull
Making it a pain to live at all
Dissipate like sand in the wind
For just moment
You can forget all your sins… 81 more words

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Nacht's Lullaby - B

The gold glimmers of sunset
Beckon me to say goodbye
You know I won’t forget you
So long as time keeps on turning

Your sleep is so enchanting… 124 more words

Object Writing

It's winter

Icicles and icicles of diamond dust spin in the air
Landing all over my hair
Flying everywhere

It’s winter
Not quite a winter
Weather’s bright and good… 30 more words

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