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Dance Like The Devil's Watching

Da-da-da-daddy watch me dance
Da-don’t misconstrue my stance
Ma-ma-my body in romance
But I’m not taking off my pants
Don’t just stand there in a trance… 133 more words


Over the River and Through the Woods

On my trips from Muncie, Indiana to see my family in Lebanon, Tennessee my boys and I sang this favorite Thanksgiving song. I’m sure we made up the lyrics as we went along. 389 more words

Monday's Music

Rasta rise (Positive Vibration)

Rasta rise Monday morning
say a little prayer for the day
put away yesterday’s mourning
praise in Jah will lead the way

Rasta soul need no locks… 85 more words


BBQ chips

BBQ = barbeque

A BBQ chip slips between my lips
Leavin’ my teeth with a greasy kiss
Crunchin’ its way down doin’ saucy backflips
All from a BBQ chip… 141 more words

Original Lyrics

Intimacy, passion, commitment.

I’m crazy as shit, but you might be too. This world is a dark place, but I’ll keep it lit for you.

You fill this void inside of me, you make me whole again- Always there beside me, a lover and a friend. 23 more words

Lonely People

Alright, I’ve been in a writing lull lately, but last night I wrote a cool chord progression accompanied by a melody with my Johnson Delta Resonator guitar, and tonight I’ve been brainstorming some good lyrics. 325 more words

Celine, oh Celine

Here is a song I have written about a lovely lady I met at work.

Thank you, Celine, for believing in me as a budding songwriter and being so bold to make a song request. 269 more words

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