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Finally it stopped raining...

and the ground dried enough for me to take some photos of my new cards :) :)

So here they are, the latest collection of cards, quite an assorted bunch, a couple of masculine/unisex as well as some girly ones… 111 more words

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While I've Been (Am) Under the Weather

I was in the hospital last week for reasons unknown that involve either heart or brain, but since I am rolling around making comparatively good sense, we shall assume it was a freak storm and not the beginning of a large storm front. 155 more words


Getting soaked

I woke up this morning to find the sprinklers in my front yard still running long after their pre-dawn cycle should have concluded. I watched them for about half an hour before realizing they hadn’t just gotten a late start for whatever reason but that they were actually stuck on (and had been running for… 599 more words

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A room for living

The living room in my house is a tricky space. The front door opens directly into it, with no foyer. It has a large picture window facing the street on the south wall, a fireplace on the east wall, a vaulted ceiling that makes the north wall 11 feet high, and a double-width entry to the dining area/ kitchen on the west wall. 773 more words

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Summer jam

Let me just start right off by saying: Mom, I owe you an apology. You were right, and I was wrong. I am very sorry I didn’t listen to you when I should have. 933 more words

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Broadening my computing horizons

So I have just “discovered” Evernote – how great is it!  Now I can easily plan my week, make a note of a new idea, keep track of some great recipes I find in various magazines( welcome back shelf space!!!!)  And I can even find it on my desktop, not just stuck in my iPad – HOORAY!! 39 more words

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