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Your Effect

You have rendered me speechless, among other things.
You have stolen my sleep, but given me dreams.
You have quickened my heart, and without fail… 52 more words


To Swim

I took a walk along the sea by night

Waves invited me as they crashed and roared

Inviting me into the cool waters

I felt and sensed the spray upon my face… 89 more words

W.A. Fulkerson

"Tower" by Emma Honerbaum

I am a maidservant of solitude,

And a princess of seclusion,

But I serve nothing and no one,

In a castle of illusion.


Quarantined from worldly treasures, 231 more words

Emma Honerbaum's Poems

Tangle 17

Something about the night
in the damp, the day pooled
in gulfs beneath me.
Everything expands.


"How Can I Go Back?" by Emma Honerbaum

How can I go back to yesterday,

To undo the mistakes I’ve made.

To bring joy to the people I’ve hurt,

And erase the stain I’ve placed in their memories? 103 more words

Emma Honerbaum's Poems

Tangle 16

I am drawn, as though by gravity,
to absence, to the falling away
of the heaviness of sky –

forget the children
my future is in the trees.


Diary for the apocalypse

day four:all the fish have gone

wht a quiet apocalypse this

first flowers then grannies then goldfish

whirring of empty tank annoying

how can reuse tank? 144 more words