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Two sages meet
to speak
of eternity.

They sit beneath trees
that have rooted
for centuries,

beside the stream
winding between stones
for millennia,

stones slowly rising… 61 more words

Original Poetry

Past + Present = Future

I am a formula
My life is just math
In goes the stimulus
Out comes my path



Do you remember when we first met?

We talked about Artemis Fowl and I think

I heard a clicking noise when you opened your mouth… 28 more words



You would gnaw at this red
flesh, fill your gut with my juicy
pulp, sculpt my image in
your name

until I’m whittled down and you
feel safe.



can you hear me?

reach across the table and take my hands

you’re awfully quiet for the middle of march

sleep sits eternally in the crease of your brow, you know… 44 more words


Gentle White Noise


The gentlest of passions

gives no warning, no storming, as

a jump from some forest creature

less agile often disturbs the aura

that hangs in the air. 31 more words

Original Poetry


I loved you ‘til it hurt

But you did not love me

I told you to go away,

I wanted to be free.

Webs of lies and deceit… 20 more words