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Feeling Unwell in a Foreign Land

“Sehr gut” is all I’ll say because

It’s all I know how to say,

Though usually I’m much more honest

When you ask how I’m doing today. 95 more words


Cut Wood

the smell, the excitement,
built a nation,
then, regret, sadness, nostalgia. 7 more words


Beautifully Destroyed

Your hair is beautifully destroyed
your heart a wreck
your muscles sore
your voice left long ago

But your eyes are alive
with sights unseen… 37 more words

Original Poetry

Original Poem: "Poem from an Unknown Admirer"

Upon what pillows do thoughts rest at night?
Thoughts thick with doubt and languorous desire
can merely tumble in search of true fire.
On which bed will my thoughts of you alight? 80 more words

The Grass Is Always Greener


Blueish black morning,

Silhouette of naked trees reaching to heaven

As souls clamoring from Hell.

Asking for a chance, a moment,

A thought from above. 33 more words


The Stranger

Leaning back, floating in the waves
        off Tybee Island, a stranger amid

the jellyfish, rays, mullet
        that skitter on the surface

making me wonder what bigger fish… 22 more words

Original Poetry

Original Poetry: Lincoln Park Zoo in Late August

During the uncertainty—
the lull compressed
between chemo bouts
and stem-cell harvesting,
my brother had
a good day.

His eyes were tracking
marmoset acrobatics
and green swamp monkeys… 111 more words