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Love Poem

You remind me of the moon
And I have caught the strains of myself
In the wind-carried sigh of ocean waves.
I know the changes of your face… 198 more words


Becoming An Artist

When falling in love, anyone can become a poet.
Experiencing the loss that comes with falling in love,
The heartbreak,
The bullshit,
The lies,
The tears,
One becomes an artist.



I was a raging flame
With the intention
Of transforming
Into a wildfire,
And he was the ocean,
A little too tame for my liking… 8 more words



The worst thoughts
Are those that consume you
And devour you
At 3.56am.


Make It To The Happy Ending

Love me the way I adore you.
Obsess over my perfections
And make love to my imperfections.
Treat me like a fragile piece of china, 87 more words


The World Will Not Stop Turning For You

A word of advice:
The world will not stop turning for you
When you feel like it’s flipping upside down.
It will keep spinning;
The art of it is to learn to
Keep living
Through the turmoil.


Brilliant Metaphors

He drew on me with a sharpie
And it stained my skin,
It damaged the surface.
I think this serves as a brilliant metaphor
For the destruction of love… 6 more words