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(10/23/2014) fracture

The sad thing about love:

there’s nothing in the world that you can do to make someone love you if they don’t.

Just because they make your heart… 12 more words


Close Eyes To Exit

Close your eyes to exit

This fucked up world.

Put on some music

To drown out the

Thoughts in your head.

Watch a movie

let the pixels dance… 9 more words

Inmate / Officer

This short poem is inspired by a section from Crime and Punishment: Inside Views edited by Robert Johnson and Hans Toch. The section, authored by an inmate, described an ambiguously psychotic corrections officer who jumps at the chance to enforce order by violent means within a prison. 124 more words

Original Poetry

Driving To Penn Station

The Homeless people at the off ramp to Newark

who try to clean my car windshield

with dirty newspaper

probably have a lot to say, 134 more words

School Days

I pass them every morning now
as they wait for the belching yellow bus,
standing sheep-like in sociable little groups.

Others wait off to the side, 63 more words

Original Poetry

the Tragedy on Route 23

the rain drums down on the window at 11:00 on Wednesday night, and I Stop in to the diner after a long day for a bite; I gloomily pick at french fries, and use them to scoop cole slaw And I can’t help but Overhearing the 30 year old busboy talk excitedly to the old sour-faced waitress- It’s just how Jay-Z got started! 107 more words

My Eyes

Do my eyes deceive me or is there ahead

A place to have dwelling, to lay my bed

A time of rest and a shelter of tree… 145 more words

W.A. Fulkerson