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Hey, there I am again,
one foot, then


hands out, clinging to clouds
or a sunset, or a photogenic bird, or a pilot who practices jiujitsu, or anything… 95 more words


Ode: The Girl in Blue

Oh, little Girl in Blue

Who and what were thee too?

Why doth thee so remain?


Oh that train, that cursed train,

No creature knew thy name. 60 more words

Emma Honerbaum's Poems

A Life of Leisure

 True, and amusng perhaps, but is it enough. . .?


Tuesday Dinner

I feel like Tuesday dinner;
Done with Sunday’s leftovers
Not yet to the Friday special,
Smelling like nothing I want to eat.
No warm oven fresh baked bread… 201 more words

Creative Writing


A hermit in the
Crowd from a
Desolate temple


"What I Would Give" by Emma Honerbaum

What I would give for you to give me a second glance,

And see me in a lovelier light than you do now.

To see your smile is to find a pearl among stones, 77 more words

Emma Honerbaum's Poems

Your Effect

You have rendered me speechless, among other things.
You have stolen my sleep, but given me dreams.
You have quickened my heart, and without fail… 52 more words