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In the Absence of the Woodsman

Here is a cape

red as the glistening opened lolling of a mouth

here is a cape

that winnows a girl

young as birch trees at the turn of spring… 64 more words


Original Poetry: Still Life with Fruit and Squash

Haunched on today’s half-solved crossword,
a calico Maine Coon focuses
on a distressed basket – rushes sprung

like gray hairs casting astered shadows
despite a lamp with low-slung shade. 48 more words


You say you’ve got to cut your wings to feel at home somewhere,

And they won’t let you sing your song

“Parrot our words back to us,” they cry, 10 more words



the marrow is turned

cold and flinty -

too much diet coke

and hermetically sealed


the blood is a watery broth,

lack of richness in soup and… 28 more words

Original Poetry

Deserts and Bone

She saw the bones in
the desert.
Charcoal, hope gone,
marrow thin and dry
and dust.
A bed of bones, she is
not beholden.

Original Poetry

Novel Ideas on where to put my Pain

  1. In the chorus of a song, on repeat,
    for two weeks straight. Maybe more.
  2. In clean black marker lines, patterns
    that mean nothing, except to me.
  3. 139 more words

All A Dream

I was walking across a pond that broke
My friends froze up and no one spoke
My bloated body they did poke

And it was all a dream… 53 more words