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Hello, Confusion

He said
“Hello, confusion.
Make yourself at home,
You always do.”

I am bewildered by his thoughts,
By his choice of words,
By the way he does not understand himself, but understands the world around him so clearly and definitively. 92 more words

Original Poetry

Tell everyone
that I’m fine,
that you never cross
my mind.

That I’m doing so much better
without you,
and I’ll take a pill
every time it hurts…

45 more words
Original Poetry


I don’t think of you that often,
But my dreams are bombarded with pictures, scenes, ideas of you.
You dance across my mind, twirling in and out of my unconsciousness, 64 more words

Original Poetry


I do not want the fall winds to feel this lonely,
My body craves for your touch, your breath and your warmth.
I would’ve hoped that you wouldn’t have changed your mind… 55 more words

Original Poetry

Love Song for Blue

You race through shivered mountains
headlong for speckled coast, the smell
of salt and wheat and tire on winding road

I watch aged detritus fall away, joyfully, 43 more words


Pills and Other Dangerous Lovers

Your eyes became dull and hazed
Overused razor blades
Tearing, scraping, pulling my skin.
You lost that smooth electricity in your gaze
That caused every fiber of me to stand on the edge of eternity. 227 more words


When my mouth is against his,
my mind wanders to how it felt
with you.

When we sleep together,
I feel cheap and unclean,
as if I could fuck away…

21 more words
Original Poetry